Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Bookshelf Growth Spurt ( A Year in Books)

So instead of doing IMM ( which I only do every fortnight anyway!) I'm posting a bookshelf tour! On January 6th 2011, I posted on my blog about my new bookshelf ( View Post - HERE! It looked a little like this -

This is Maurice :)

This was Maurice last year, she looks a little empty right? Over the course of a year and a bit, my bookshelf encountered a little ( read HUGE) growth spurt. Maurice could no longer hold all my books and therefore I had to buy Maurice a companion - Theodore. Now Maurice and Theodore look like this - 

Maurice on the right and Theo left :) They're BFFL's!
A closer look -


Maurice and Theodore are YA Fiction Shelves - They have a friend called Felicity who is a MG/School Fiction shelf, Felicity resides in another room. She will not be featured in the following bookshelf tour. 

THE BOOKSHELF TOUR ( A closer look inside Maurice and Theodore*) 

So most people have a very logical way of organising their bookshelf - I DON'T! As long it looks good than that's fine with me :) I like my shelves to look neat so I always, ALWAYS organise it by size ( even if it means separating series!) Anyway, I'll get on with it

*Click on pictures for a closer look :)

Maurice Row #1 and #2 - 

Row #1 are all vampire related books, mainly black covers ( which is why I keep them all together - it looks good :P). The books include Morganville Vampires series, Heather Brewers Vampire Chronicles, Twilight Saga, an incomplete Vampire Academy series + Bloodlines by Richelle Mead :)

Row #2 are all hardcovers. Some are signed and some are not.It's organised by colour :P Some of the books include (signed) Enclave by Ann Aguirre, Hex Hall series, Paranormalcy series, Hourglass, Unearthly and A Need So Beautiful among others! 

Maurice Row #3 and #4 -

Row #3 are all standard size paperbacks ( except for Epic Fail and Sirenz at the end). I've tried to keep the colour co-ordinating going. The left side are mainly blues and the right are blacks and navies! You can enlarge to see the titles! 

Row #4 are a random assortment of hardbacks and massive paperbacks. Again, tired to keep it colour co-ordinated and failed but at least all the books are in descending heights!

Maurice Row #5 and #6

Row #5 are also paperbacks. Few ARCs thrown into the mixture. 

Row #6 are a random assortment again! As you can see their is a gap - on the left are all the books that I need to trade and on the right are some paperbacks and ARCs!

That's Maurice! 

Theodore Row #1 and #2 -

Row #1 - Random assortment of books. The colour scheme is again at work but it doesn't really look like it's been co-ordinated! I've tried to keep series together!

Row #2 - My proudest row! Again I've tried the colour co-ordination and it's SORTA worked this time! As you can see purple, blue,yellow, orange, pink, red, dark green, navy/dark blues, browns and blacks!

Theodore Row #3 and #4 -

Row #3 - ARCs/ Large Paperbacks and EXTRA Large Paperbacks. Few 2012 YA Debuts in there!

Row #4 - Standard paperbacks. 

Theodore Row #5  and Row #6 -

Row #5 - THE REALLY RANDOMS ( There are Aussies YAs, Adult novels and mini paperbacks!)

Row #6 - Not really featured because it doesn't hold books. It holds my two swag boxes, packaging for mailing books, postage stamps, PR releases ( YES I CAN KEEP THEM - I love them :P) and notes from nice bloggers!

And that's a cut!

Badass Bookie xx


  1. Crapola! What did you feed your shelves, they grew so much! That was some growth spurt!! Thanks letting us into your shelves! :)

  2. That's how mine have been too! I've been having to give a bunch of books away. Looks like you have some totally awesome books.

    Magical Urban Fantasy Reads

  3. I love this post. I didn't have a bookshelf when I started blogging last year, I just had 4 medium sized shelves that hung on my wall. When those started to fall off because of the weight of my books (and shoddy handiwork from yours truly), I decided to get a 3-shelf bookcase. I filled that (double stacking) with 100+ books and had to ask for a 5-shelf bookcase for Christmas. So far I've filled up two of those shelves. Lol! I don't know what I'm going to do once I fill that up, because I don't have any more space for another bookcase in my tiny little bedroom.

  4. Did I say 100+? I meant 200+

  5. I guess Maurice's hips got quite wide in only a year ;-) and she's not even scoffing chocolate but only books!!! On second though, that might also explain why my own butt grew bigger ... must be all those books I read, it's obviously NOT the sweets I eat *cough*.

  6. I LOVE that you named your shelves!! :D And mine did about the same thing yours did over the space of a year ;) I used to buy a lot of books before I started blogging, but now it has just exploded...
    I love that you coordinate your shelves :) Mine's organised by when I got the book (which is more just laziness than anything else).

  7. Wow.. Awesome. Love bookshelf tours :) Looked like you had some amazing books. And you got a lot of new stuff :P So fun :)

  8. Wow! That's a lot of books. I just started blogging last summer and I noticed that I've been buying books a lot more than I used too. My shelves are already full so I have stacks on my floor =/

  9. I lovelovelove that your bookshelves have names! (I need to think up names for mine now!)

  10. Wow, what a great growth spurt. I like thew way your organized it, it's so pretty to look at. I organized mine by color !

  11. My bookshelves have expanded in the past 2.5 years when I discovered giveaways on blogs, and the Half Price Bookstore 10 minutes away from me. I have taken my son's old bedroom and turned it into a library. With my daughter's help, all of my books are labeled and organized in alphabetical order and listed in a data base. The library has 4 5-shelf bookshelves, my bedroom has 3 5-shelf bookshelves, and the living room has 2 5-shelf bookshelves. Wow! That's 9 shelves! At last count I had well over 800 books not including non-fiction, kids books, and my Chicken Soup for the Soul collection. These books and my library are my pride and joy. When I go in my library to read, I am SOO happy!! Sorry this is so long! It's nice to find others who are as book crazy as I am! :)


  12. i thought Maurice was the name of your friend LOL

    i'm so jelly of your shelves! they're wonderful and neat!

    and oh, i might gonna name my shelf <3

  13. hey love the selection of vamp. books u have i just started the morganville vampires love them! have u ever heard of The House Of Night series? if not its great! lotes more vamps in a different perspective