Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2011 Debutante Event Buttons!!!

Guess what guys? I NOW have buttons to grab for the event!!!! I was only supposed to pick one but the outcome was so much more than I expected so you know I picked a few!!! I wish I could pick all the buttons and put them all on here to grab BUT there was at least a dozen so um...it wasn't possible BUT thank-you so so so so much for everone who made a button! I have emailed EVERYONE back so check your emails!

Offical Banner!



Thank-you to Sabina, Caitlin @ Scarrlet Reader and Stacey @ Flippin' Fabulous for these AMAZING buttons!
Now who wants another (5) FIVE entries towards the Spread the Word and Win Giveaway? *me and me and me*
Okay then I will give you them IF you post one of these amazingly cutely adorably awesome buttons SOMEWHERE visible i.e. top corners NOT at the bottom where everyone doesn't look!
Then all you have to do is come back here and fill out the form below!

NOTE - I have EXTENDED The Spread the Word and Win Contest Until 5th of December ( This Sunday) beause I don't think I hgave enough time for people to enter after they saw the prizes!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Updates on 2011 Debutante Event!

Hello my poppets! I here to update you on the 2011 Debutante giveaway that I, Badass Bookie, will be hosting during the month of Christmas! Right now, I'm hosting a Spread the Word and Win Giveaway for everyone who well, spreads the word about the giveaway!  Click ( HERE ) to access giveaway, it ends on November 30th so hurry!

Anyway firstly, the blogger I asked to do my graphics has mysteriously disappeared from the virtual world so I don't know when I can have a button or even have one at all, which is a very sad thing. I was going to make one myself but I don't have a creative bone in my body so really it's quite a letdown. HOWEVER, if anyone can make some graphics ( nice, classy, elegant with a christmas feel) in the next 24 hours I will give them - 50 extra entries to any giveaway that is featured below INCLUDING the spread the word giveaway! Email you entries to callmeghostgirl@yahoo.com.au I will pick one entrant for 50 entries, however for your efforts I will give 20 extra entries for every entrant even if you don't win. Please help out guys, please, please, please!!!

Secondly, the schedule for the event! Each debutante will have a two day feature, the first day will be a get to know your debs post and the second day will be more about the books AND Giveaways galore!!! *hint hint* most of the giveaways ARE international!

1st-2nd of Dec. - Julia Karr ( XVI)
3rd-4th of Dec - Amy Holder ( Lipstick Laws)
5th-6th of Dec - Carrie Harris ( Bad Taste In Boys)
7th-8th of Dec - Elana Johnson ( Possession)
9th-10th of Dec - Lia Habel ( Dearly, Departed)
11th-12th of Dec - Sara Bennett Wealer ( Rival)
13th-14th of Dec - Beth Revis ( Across the Universe)
15th-16th of Dec - Lisa and Lauren Roecker ( The Liar Society)
17th -18th of Dec - Kristi Cook ( Haven)
19th -20th of Dec - Cynthia Hand ( Unearthly)
21st-22nd of Dec - Kiki Hamilton ( The Faerie Ring)
23rd-24th of Dec - Lauren DeStefano ( Wither)
25th of Dec - Wrap up post

Thirdly, Spread the Word Giveaway Prizes! Not all of it has arrived so this is only some of it. Also there will be TWO (2) winner instead of one! One must be in the US. Also all the Swag will be mixed up!

US Only! Kindly Donated by Lisa and Laura Roecker, these lovely ladies don't have a book cover yet but have put together a lovely prize pack of their main character's favourite things ( *sound of music somg*)

Lipstick Laws Swag Galore! Signed Bookmarks, Stickers, Tattoos, Magnets, Button, Candy, Lipgloss and Signed Book thingies by the dozens!

Across the Universe Swag Galore! Signed Bookamrs, Cards thingies and Buttons Galore!

Rival Swag! Ten Signed Bookmarks!

More to come! As I said this is NOT all of the 'prizes' so keep an eye out! Ladies and Gent get ready for the event of the year...the 2011 Debutantes are ready!

Badass Bookie xx 

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Review Time! Now I would like everyone to know that I didn't really enjoy the first book in this series, Fallen by Lauren Kate. However when the cover looks this good who is to begrudge me for giving it a second chance? I also received this one for review from Random House Aus. so thank-you guys!

The Short Story? - One of those series' that only get better instead of the other way around. I absolutely loved this book, not even sugar coating guys! I pledge on the Debs honour ( 2011 Debs event - Click HERE ) that I will never EVER sugar coat my reviews so any review on Badass Bookie is organic ;P Anyway, I liked this book so much better than the first book.

The Long Story? - If there is anything I hate more than reading plots with unoriginal plots, it would be reading book with no plot at all. I admit, I pretty much hated Fallen for this reason. There just wasn't enough depth to the book, I ended up with more questions then I started off with.

However, I found that Torment was a turnaround, it completely blew my mind. It was a beautifully written dark romance ( gothic romance maybe?) that was just amazing. The combination of the supernatural and the very human emotions of the main character, Luce was just so easy to read. It was in this book that I finally came to understand the characters abit a better and the background of the story. I find that sometimes when authors try to blend the supernatural with the well - natural, the plot starts to go all wonky and it just doesn't read right. Torment wasn't one of those books ( maybe Fallen but not Torment).

Another highlight was the emotions the characters pulled out of you. I found that everytime Luce was angry at Dan, I was angry at Dan. Everytime she felt trapped, I felt trapped. It was like Luce and I were the same person. I felt a deep, deep connection with her like we were - mentally linked :P Unlike Matched where you could relate to the characters though similar emotions, Torment, let you BE the character.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Torment and can't think why in the world I didn't want to read it. Although I didn't really like Fallen I think Torment made up for it! I simply can not wait for Passion especially after that cliff hanger ending ( seriously things one just ...ends, rather abrupt but nevertheless effective). Beautiful romance, great characters, easy to read, much better plot and did I mention Angels and Demons? Rating 4/5

Badass Bookie xx

Monday, November 22, 2010


Review Time! Note that Matched isn’t out until later this month or early next month depending on where you live! I was fortunate to receive a copy for review from Penguin Australia so thanks Penguin! I have to that the dystopian genre has kind of stolen the show from the paranormal genre!

The Short Story? – I think that after the major success of the Hunger Games Trilogy (seriously awesome series) many authors have gone beyond the standard genres (i.e. paranormal, contempt, fantasy) and have started to experiment with new genres such as dystopian. Matched is probably one of the few dystopian novels I have read besides The Hunger Games, it is also probably the only one I really enjoyed (besides The Hunger Games)

The Long Story? РThe unique thing about dystopian is that unlike paranormal, the author has to create a whole new world even if it does have the typical love triangle or the forbidden love clich̩. So instead of reading the same plot twenty times with the same characters who have different names, You can enjoy something that is Рreally hard to come by- original.

In Matched, Cassia’s society is controlled by a ruling party called the officials. Everyone’s life is determined and controlled by these people. What they eat, what they wear, what their job will be, when you will die and more importantly who they are matched with. At the age of sixteen, the matching officials match you with a boy/girl who you will spend the rest of your life with. Cassia is matched with her best friend; Xander who she believes is her perfect Match but what happen when she falls for the wrong boy?

I absolutely loved Matched! It is so different from anything else I have ever read. Ally Condie has done a fantastic job portraying a controlling society where free will is non-existent. It shows us what our lived could have been like. Matched had me hooked from the first page, reading this book was like entering a new world where everything you have learnt is useless and everything that happens surprises you over and over again. Not only was the plot/ storyline a whole new experience but reading the book itself was exciting because it was so unpredictable.

The characters were all very well brought out. Although I cannot possibly think of any way we can relate to them, the emotions they feel are common among us too, not only bringing readers closer the characters but letting us connect with them too.

Another highlight of the story was the cliff hanger ending. I usually frown upon abrupt endings because nothing really makes sense but in this case it was fantastic. It lets the readers in just enough to intrigue them and keep them in suspense, almost willing them to read the sequel!

Fantastic novel, refreshing new genre, amazingly talented author, a book you wouldn’t want to miss.
Rating 4.5/5

Badass Bookie xx

Sunday, November 21, 2010

In My Mailbox #20

Hey Guys, I know haven't done one of these posts in a while but I have been busy organising The 2011 Debutante Event ( Win prizes!) Anyway, I think I had a pretty good week or three weeks since I haven't done a IMM in three week! This week I got...






IT'S AN ARC OF WITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For Review -
Wither by Lauren DeStefano
Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride

( Thanks to Penguin Australia and Lauren's fab publicist B!)

Misguided Angel by Melissa De La Cruz
1-6 Black Daggerhood Brothers Box Set by J.R. Ward

( Thank Laura and Chaz!)

That's it for this week!
Badass Bookie xx

Saturday, November 20, 2010

2011 Debutante Event - Spread the word and win win win!!!

Hey Guys, I know I promised you more posts this week but I have been busy organizing a special event for you guys!

Ladies and Gentlemen, readers and fellow bloggers, I am proud to announce that during the month of December, Badass Bookie is hosting ...

The 2011 Debutante Event

From the 1st-25th of December, Badass Bookie is going to be your guide to next year's hottest debuts! My lovely Debs just simply can't wait to meet you all so they are debuting early! Everything you need to know about your Debs and their amazing book will be here! Oh! and did I mention Giveaways Galore? Not only do you guys get to know the Debs better, YOU also get to win their books!!!

What is a Deb? Well, my lovely poppets, a Deb is short for a Debutante which is a New Author to the YA genre. Basically, their first book is coming out next year!

However, the Debs and I need your help! We want to make this event bigger and better, we want EVERYONE to know about this event! SO we are giving away a PRIZE   for anyone who spreads the word about it!!! So spread the word and WIN!

What is the prize?
That's a secret...nah kidding, I just haven't received THEM in the mail yet so I don't know and CAN NOT show you! They shall arrive by next week so look out for the weekend post! BUT I promise to make it good! On the Debutante's honour!

However it may have something to do with this....

and this .. .

and maybe these too ...

and some more... ( no cover yet ;P)


Unfortunately, the graphics for the event are currently not available since I haven't heard back from the designer... it's a pain but well we shall wait for the arrival of graphics!


Spread the word by -
You must include a link to this post or you entries won't be counted

- Doing a Blog Post ( +20)
- Tweet it ( +5)

Extra Entries -

- Follow Me ( +5)
- Follow Me on Twitter ( +5)

Once the Graphics are ready???/

- Grab button and put it on your blog, ( +5)
must be somewhere visible so not at the bottom of the page please!

A separate post will be posted soon ( hopefully!!!) with the graphics for you to grab! Separate form as well so not the following one!!!

Remember you MUST spread the word to be entered into the giveaway! There will be no initial entry and to get extra entries you must spread the words as well so you must spread the word! You are welcome to copy and paste info from this post though!

It's International! Ends 30th of November.


Badass Bookie xx

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sister Red

Review Time! Hey Guys, sorry for the lack of posts lately I had exam week so I had to focus. However, it should be a full week this week! A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of Sister Red by Jackson Pearce. I can not tell you how excited I was, I had been wanting to read this book for AGES!!! Anyway, my thoughts?

The Short Story? - I think this is like a fractured re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood ( actually I sure) and it's about two sisters who fight werewolves and there is this guy called Silas and and and..it's one of the best werewolf tales I have ever read! ( NOTE* Just been told that it's more of a Re-telling than a Fratured fairytale, to be honest to me, they are both the same thing but just letting you guys know :P)

The Long Story? - Firstly, I would like all of us to put our hands together or Jackson Pearce, amazing story teller, hooked from the first page. I have always been attracted to fractured fairytales but Jackson just takes it to a whole new level! It was addictive, her writing style is just so easy to read, it feels like you are part of the novel. I would like to say that Sister Red is probably one of the most cleverly written books I have read, fractured fairytales aren't commonly written as novels and when they are, they stand out however Sister Red just took the meaning of awesome book to a whole new level! The characters are so well bought out. One of the highlights for me was the connection I felt with the Characters, they are so life-like that you can easily connect with them. Beautifully written like I already said, I love how the book started almost straightaway no blabbering on and on and on ( bo-ring) The ending was rather abrupt but in it's own unique way it was a fantastic ending. I seriously recommend everyone to read this... this awesome book!!!! Rating 4.5/5

Badass Bookie xx

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Claire de Lune

Review Time! I had the worst possible day today! I wasn't feeling well, then I get pushed down the stairs, got kicked in the ankle, had a breakdown in english class and now I think I sprained my ankle ( it's really swollen) ...great. So I apologize for not having a more interesting post but seriously I'm having a down moment.

The Short Story ? - 2010 Debut, about a girl who find out she is a werewolf on her sixteenth birthday. The sixteenth birthday idea is pretty cliche, but the story wouldn't feel right if it wasn't so cliche would it? Enjoyed the book and loved the name of the book, although I don't get what it has to do with the book ( no reference to Claire de Lune or even a piano????)

The Long Story ? - This debut was one that I had on my TBR pile and I have to say I was a tad disappointed. The whole plot just seemed too simple and didn't live up to my expectations. It was just not that special you know? I enjoyed reading and liked the plot and the characters but it was a little bit cliche? I don't what it is but something about the book just doesn't sit right with me. I think it has something to do with the whole werewolf concept ( read the book) that the author has bought in. I'm not really comfortable with it. Nevertheless, it was a nice change from vampires, the cover was beautiful, I loved how she portrayed Matt ( that is like the third Matt I have read recently) and like I said the plot wasn't all that bad either. It was a great book, truly, but I just didn't like the werewolf concept in this book...it just kills it* Rating 3/5

*SPOILER - werewolves are only girls in this world ( doesn't just kill the whole Jacob thing?)

Badass Bookie xx

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Personal Demons

Review Time! Last night, I finished Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers, I received this copy for review last week so thank-you to Pan Macmillian! Lisa Desrochers is a 2010 debut author, Personal Demons is her first novel and these are my first impressions...

The Short Story ? - A satisfying read that was beautifully written. Fantastic plot, original and a great balance between the paranormal and the...normal. One of the better debuts of 2010!

The Long Story ? - The book is about a girl called Frannie who has special talents that both heaven and hell are fighting for. Luc is sent by hell to tag Frannie's soul, however heaven in the form of Gabriel would do anything to stop him. Of course along the way there is plenty of romance too.

I found that one of the best things about this book was the fact that the beginning wasn't long and boring. It started pretty much straightaway, meaning a) I didn't have to wait for the book to get interesting and b) readers are immediately clued in about the characters. Comfortable writing style that is easy to get use to, original plot, great ending and strong characters. I'm also impressed by the author's knowledge of vintage mustangs. Personal Demons does bring in the typical love triangle however surprisingly it doesn't have impact on me. It was difficult to choose between Luc and Gabe because while Luc's emotions are like an open book ( haha literally!!!. bad pun ;P)  Gabe's  emotions were kind of hidden from readers, I found  that I didn't get to understand Gabe as much as I would have liked to. A great deal of pun usage ( a little bit too much). However besides that the book was really good! I love how Frannie was portrayed as strong and independent, how Luc challenges our beliefs that all demons are evil ( or are they?) and how the author takes originality to a whole new level! Brilliant book that I highly recommend all lovers of the paranormal to read, again amazing debut! I definitely look forward to the next book in the series. Rating - 4/5

Badass Bookie xx

Monday, November 1, 2010


Review Time! I finished this one ages ago but because it's not YA I have been putting the review off! However the Parasol Protectorate is one of my favourite historical series! It's also Steampunk so that is a bonus!

The Short Story ? - Enjoyed the book but I have to say that the first book was the peak of th series and it kinda went downhill from then on. However, nevertheless always amusing to read and I loe the witty english humour :P

The Long Story ? - I  admit I a bit of a victorian era fanatic so I get a little excited when I read about long dresses and ladies and lords with dinner parties and balls!!! Anyway the book! Um, well it's a series so I kind of can't tell you what is about or else it spoils it so I just tell you what wouldn't spoil it! Alexia Tarabotti ( main character) is a preternatural meaning she has no soul and is basically  a supernatural killing machine. Her touch can turn any supernatural creature human which makes extra dangerous and to add to all that she is a female....

So like I said I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first book which was really impressive. The second and third were about the same but because the third book has a prettier cove iz going with this one as seond best. So the thing with this book was that firstly it was a bit too long for my liking. I found tht the sotry didn' really go anywhere, like walking down a straight road then suddenly right at the end it swerves into a corner street. So it only got interesting like right at the end. Also some of the language used was hard to underestand, well, more like the complicated inventions but it was hard follow. However, it was funny and witty, it made me laugh, it was set in the victorian era and it didn't mkae me cry with boredom so I guess..Rating- 3.5

Badass Bookie xx