Thursday, September 30, 2010

Werelove Dusk Conspiracy

Review Time (again)!  Hey guys guess what! I have finally finished this book after reading it for at least three month ( probably more), could be the fact that it was sent to me as a ebook and it takes me like so long to read one but anyhow. 2010 Debut (yay!!!!)

The Short Story? - Took me by surprise you don't get alot of paranormal werewolf stories set in the future. I had bad feelings that I wasn't going to like it but surprisingly I did!

The Long Story? - I'm going to straight to the point about this one. The love story in this was seriously the cutest thing ever but the plot went a little weird. Some strong points about this book is it evoke lots of strong emotions. The characters were very well brought out, adding the futuristic touch was nice too. However, the heroine was a pussy, which I did not like because I hate weak characters ( defeats the whole purpose of being the main character). The father was also really cruel. seriously if I had a father like probably run away before I even turn thirteen but it all fit nicely together. The writing style was a tad simple too however I really enjoy the book in general.A love a great romance and it was really the cutest thing in this book. You guys should really check this one out! Rating 3.5/5

Badass Bookie xx

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Review Time! Soooo I haven't much besides post reviews for these past weeks because I have been very, very lazzzzyyyyy. Um, I'm tryig to catch-up on my 2010 Debut Author challenge so this is another one. Sherrilyn Kenyon is actually an adult fiction author who is debuting in YA fiction. So it's still counted!!!

Short Story? - Excellent characters, reminded me of Mortal Instruments except it wasn't as funny! But still it made me laugh :) Oh, and it has like every paranormal specie you can imagine like a glass of jelly beans!

Long Story?- This book was really good! The writing style was nothing like mortal Instruments but because of it's sense of humor ( sarcastic and all that) it reminded me so so so much Mortal Instruments. The book as a whole was fantastic but the plot was really random ( in a good way). There are so many characters that pop out randomly and join in with the story, you would be like 'wow okay so there she goes'. Comfortable writing style once you adjust to it, very funny ( I laughed so hard about Nick's "shirt" issue) , great characters that you would immediately learn to like, the start was abit slow but as the book developes soon I found it hard to catch up with all that's going on. The thing that stood out the most was how random the whole book was ( no seriously it's like so random). Not the best debut but one of the better ones. Rating 3.5/5

Badass Bookie xx

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend

Review Time! There isn't a mailbox post this week because I didn't check the mailbox or the library so I thought I will take the initiative to write one of my catch-up reviews! A Love Story is the debut novel of YA author Emily Horner, it's about a girls who has just lost her best friend and probably lost herself as well.

Short Story? - Tough review to write for this one, it was a great novel but it wasn't for me. Partly beacuse I didn't know what was going on for half of the book!

Long Story?- Right, so put your hand up if you knew the main character was a lesbian? Now, put your hand up if you didn't ? *puts my hand up*  So it was quite of shocker when I read for half the book and then realise the main character was a lesbian but not for the reason that you may think. I am all for gay pride so no nothing to do with the fact that she was gay but I was shocked because it took me half the book to realise ( it's pretty sad....) So I was quite upset that I may not be as smart as I like to think *cries* but anyway, I don't know if it is just me but I fell asleep while reading this (literally) it was cute and cuddly and make you wanna hug it and blow it a kiss but it was also extremely boring. Also it switched from past to present making it really hard to follow.So I usually don't read those depressing novels right? ( I don't read anything even remotingly about helpless heroines, although sometimes I pick up that I don't realise and read it anyway!) This wasn't really depressing but it was close to it, eh, I can't explain but it just wasn't for me, I mean I didn't like Wintergirls and I know people who love it so it's one of those weird ones that I just can not slip into. Great characters, cute story but the plot was quite boring, easy writing style, not to long and I don't know maybe you will like it better than I did. Rating 2/5

Badass Bookie xx

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Giveaway - $35 CSN Gift Certificate

Hey Guys, I waited until today to post this giveaway for you guys since you're more likely to be on the weekend anyway! I was contatced by CSN asking whether I would like to do a giveaway for you guys and I thought why not? I love my followers and fellow bloggers so let's do it!

So lucky winner will get a one-time-use $35 gife certificate to use as they wish on any of their 200+ websites for shoes, decor or anything in between. So head over to CSN to check out what they have in store for you! Shoes, Kitchenware, Bedware, Bar Stools and more for you to choose from! Here over HERE.

- MUST be in the US and CAN only 
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Extra entries-
- Be a follower ( +3)
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Blog Hop & Follow Friday

Hey Guys! It's time for Friday Hop again, thank-you as always to Jen @ Crazy for Books and Parajunkee @ Parajunkee View for hosting them! Um, please leave a comment (and a link! it saves time!) so I can replay the favour! PS- I'm trying really hard to reach 375 so if you follow me I will return that favour too! So every follower I get this week, they will get an extra follower too! Make sure you leave a comment telling me so or I won't know!!!

This weeks questions is -
When you write reviews, do you write them as you are reading or wait until you have read the entire book?

 My answer is that I never, ever and never will write a review for a book before I have read every single page. This is why, my lovely publishers and authors , your requested review may not have been posted yet. Please bare with me, I am trying to go go go but still ....

What is high fashion for books (ie best book cover ever)?
Ha! There are too too many good book covers out there ( and double the amount of bad bad bad ones) but some that stood out to me for this year so far are -

Next Year's -

Badass Bookie xx

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've Been Tagged!!!

This is an international game of Tag! I was tagged by Cass @ Words on Paper Basically I have to answer some questions about myself so you know your cute little Aussie blogger better :P ( I'm cute and cuddly like a bunny right??? O_O)

4 Things in my Handbag ( When I actually bring one, I usually just stuff things in my pockets)

- Phone ( Sony Vaio)
- Ipod ( Purple!!!)
- Loose change and money
- Glasses ( You never know when there is a cute boy and you need a closer look!)

4 Things in/on my Desk:

- Computer or Laptop ( I have both, usually the laptop due to convenience and because it's pink and Sony Vaio :P see a pattern)
- An army of nail polish
- The complete season of Quran High School Host Club ( best anime ever! )
- Souvenirs from England ( My fiend went like two months ago but I never put them away)
4 Favorite Things in my Bedroom:

- My computer
- My bookshelf
- My bed
- My big red reading chair

4 Things I Always Wanted to Do (but haven't yet):

- Get my IB diploma and head of to Cambridge ( aim high people!)
- Travel around the world, mainly to Spain and the rest of Europe)
- Attend at least one BEA ( I'm not going to my deathbed without attending one!)
- Marry some hunk and live happily ever after in a big house by the beach with my daughter and son, Carmen and Jasper ( ha! I named my children, not certain but maybes)

4 Things I Enjoy Very Much at the Moment:

- Reading and blogging ( I love you guys!)
- Checking my e-mail and mailbox, it's always exciting!
- Playing Touch Football ( and winning) with all my friends!
- Being on holidayssssss

4 Songs I Can't Get Out of My Head:

- We'll Be Alright by Travie McCoy
- For The First Time by The Script
- Spiderwebs by No Doubt
- Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

4 Things you Don't Know About Me:

- I have loved reading since I was seven, however my mum hasn't picked up a book for at least five years ( or longer)
- I wore the same dress as some other girl at a recent party *sob* ( It broke my heart), we bought it on the same day but at different places!!!
- I love Sherlock Holmes the movie
- I have a pathetic crush on Alex Pettyfer ( dayummmm he is sooo fine)

I'm gonna tag - Brittany @ Nice Girls Reads Books , Tina @ Book Couture, Emily @ Dragons Ate My Homework and Heather @ Buried in Books (haha only half Aussie pride!)

Badass Bookie xx

Scott Nicholson Blog Tour - Win a Kindle and bunch of E-Books

Hey Guys! I was lucky enough to be picked as part of Scott Nicholson's Blog tour and today is my day with the guy! So scott has kindly written and very interesting guest post for all you lucky reader! Also, giveaway of Kindle's and a bunch of E-books at the end of this post! So read on!

It’s not a secret that I like to tap local legends and spooky stories for my Appalachian thrillers. Or paranormal adventures. Or supernatural mysteries. Or whatever I call them this week.

But there’s one I like to dub a “modern Gothic thriller.” If you ask me what that means, I’ll say “Artists gather at a remote Appalachian manor, where a dormant spirit draws energy from their work.”
It’s inspired by real ghost stories of the Cone Manor in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the estate of a long-dead industrialist, with appropriate liberties taken. The Cone family collected art, and I wanted to isolate the artists at the retreat so they couldn’t pick up a cell phone at the first sign of trouble. I think my original title was “The Colony,” which was pretty bland, and so was the title selected by the publisher when it originally came out in 2004 as “The Manor.”
I wrote a movie script version called “Appalachian Haunting,” which came close to getting optioned. Years later, the producer is still interested, though he sees it as an over-the-top comedy while I was kind of serious. I think. With me, you can never tell for sure.
Though I won’t have the U.S. print rights back for another year, I can sell the book overseas as an e-book, and there’s no reason to miss out on even new one reader. So I revised it quite a bit, including cutting a flashback and moving it to the beginning of the book. That came from the movie script, where sticking in a flashback would have meant a flawed structure. The book employs quite a bit of Appalachian folk magic as the basis for the supernatural events.

Here’s the summary:

After parapsychologist Anna Galloway is diagnosed with metastatic cancer, she has a recurring dream in which she sees her own ghost. The setting of her dream is the historic Korban Manor, which is now an artist's retreat in the remote Appalachian Mountains. Drawn both by the ghost stories surrounding the manor and her own sense of destiny, Anna signs up for the retreat.
Sculptor Mason Jackson has come to Korban Manor to make a final, all-or-nothing attempt at success before giving up his dreams. When he becomes obsessed with carving Ephram Korban's form out of wood, he questions his motivation but is swept up in a creative frenzy unlike any he has ever known.

Sylva Hartley is an old mountain witchwoman who is connected to Ephram Korban both before and after his death. Her knowledge of Appalachian folk spells and potions has bound her to the manor in a deeper and darker way. Sylva harbors a family secret that refuses to stay slumbering in its grave.

The manor itself has secrets, with fires that blaze constantly in the hearths, portraits of Korban in every room, and deceptive mirrors on the walls. The house's brooding atmosphere affects the creative visions of the visiting artists. A mysterious woman in white calls to Anna from the forest, while Mason is driven by the whispers of an unseen critic. With an October blue moon looming, both the living and the dead learn the true power of their dreams.
It's a power that Korban craves for himself, because he walks a shadowy land where passions burn cold and even the ghosts are haunted.
Though the Internet is worldwide, Badass Bookies is an Australian blog. So Lisa the blog host naturally talks about books available to her, and few of mine have been available in Australia before. It’s one of the wonderful ways e-books are breaking down artificial barriers. And a way for me to bring this book back from the dead, better than it was before.
It wasn’t until a couple of years after I wrote the book that I figured out some of its metaphors. No, I don’t go around cramming “theme” into my books, because that comes out in any storytelling form that’s worth the trouble. But Mason’s artistic aspirations and fear of heights (and even his name, a sculptor named “Mason,” that I never understood until recently) probably mirrored some of the feelings I had at the time, when I was just breaking into publishing and facing the pressure of success. It all seems laughable now, since all success is fleeting and ephemeral (Mel Gibson, anyone?) and all you have to worry about is doing your best and not hurting anyone. This is the best I can do as a dead writer.
Creative Spirit. I like that title better.

Scott Nicholson is author of The Skull Ring, Drummer Boy and 10 other novels, five story collections, four comics series, and six screenplays. A journalist and freelance editor in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, he often uses local legends in his work. This tour is sponsored by Amazon, Kindle Nation Daily, and Dellaster Design.

To be eligible for the Kindle DX, simply post a comment below with contact info. Feel free to debate and discuss the topic, but you will only be entered once per blog. Visit all the blogs on the tour and increase your odds. I’m also giving away a Kindle 3 through the tour newsletter and a Pandora’s Box of free e-books to a follower of “hauntedcomputer” on Twitter. And, hey, buy The Red Church and put me in the Top 100 and I’ll throw in another random Kindle 3 giveaway. Thanks for playing. Complete details at

Badass Bookie xx

The Insider's Scoop of the Penguin Headquarters

Pick up some shades and tight fitting pants
Agent Booklover we are going James Bond
syle :P
Sooooo all you book lovers out there, who doesn't want to tour a publisher's headquarters then have lunch with an award winning author???? I may not be able to see you guys raise your hands but I know deep inside everyone wants to do just that right? ( all you have to do is nod and agree) Well then! Penguin Australia is giving YOU the chance! Since Penguin loves all us bloggers and readers alike so much they are giving one of YOU a chance to tour their headquarters ( haha it sounds like they are some secret organization instead of just a publishing house *wink*) AND lunch with awarad-winning Australian author Kirsty Eagar!

Now, If you love YA literature and can get yourself to Camberwell on Wednesday 29 September by 10 a.m. AND you'd love to tour Penguin HQ then interview Kirsty Eagar followed by a lunch with Kirsty and some 'Penguins', then all you need to do is send us an email with your details and tell us what ten questions you'd like to ask Kirsty at the interview. The lucky winner will get to enjoy all of the above and their interview with Kirsty will be posted on BTL!

Unfortuantely it's only open to victorian (AUS) residents ( I would enter myself if this was not the case sucks right now so meh) More info at the Penguin blog click HERE GO ENTER YOURSELF ALL YOU VICTORIAN RESIDENTS OR THE RICH KIDS AND ADULTS ALIKE WHO CAN FLY FIRST-CLASS AND BE THERE NEXT WEDENESDAY !!!!!

Look on the bright side you get a free lunch!
Badass Bookie xx

Giveaways YOU should check out!

Hey Guys, Good choice Reading is hosting a Welcome the Fall Giveaway (and other giveaways too!) where heaps of blogs have paricipated1 Here are some good ones-

Good Choice Reading Firelight Giveaway

Alise On Life Pick One of Three YA Novels

Skyla11377 - $15 USD Book Depository

Looksie Luvitz - ARCs of Viral & Matched

The Elliott Review - Mockingjay & Speak

The Eager Readers - Assortmnt of Books

Alise On Life Graphic Novels & Paranormal Book Pack

Itzel Library  Twenty Boy Summer
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All Days Of... $10 Amazon Giftcard

Cladestine Sanctuary 100 Followers Giveaway!

e- Volving Books 100+ Giveaway!

Pure Imagination Pre-Order Giveaway!

Snowdrop Dreams of Books Radiance Giveaway!

Badass Bookie xx


Review Time! I told in my last post that I have been able to finish a book a day right? So two days ago I finished Wildthorn  by Jane Eagland. Fairly new release in the US but apparently it was released here in AUS like last year!!!! ( O_O huh???) Anyway never mind, I loved the cover of this book so yer read on....

Short Story ? - Good message behind the whole plot and this is another one of those ' why we should stand up for women's rights' books and jeez by the time I read to the end I was ready to kill all those men in the 1800's!!!

Long Story ?- I'm going to keep this one spoil-free since it's fairly new and I don't want to ruin it for anyone ( wait, all my reviews are practically spoil-free!!!) Anyway, since I can't spoil the ending and what got me so so so angry at men in the 1800's I will explain what the book is about. It's about a girl called Louisa who is sent to a mental hospital because other's reckon she is crazy ( not going to tell you why) but honestly she is not so the normal locked up among the crazies. Then love free her from the hospital ( not going to tell you the love interest either, I was S-H-O-C-K-E-D though..but only because it was unexpected well I had my feeling about it and they were right) I can't tell you guys anymore than that without spoiling so continue on with the review. I admit I was confused and lost at the start mainly because it went from present to past in the first part ( the book is split into three parts) and I was only really cleared in the last part. Also it was one of those really depressing ones where the character was helpless and all I wanted is part the pages and slap everyone silly :P I normally wouldn't read these books but I made an exception this time because I didn't know about it and I just can not put a book down even if it's the worst book ever. However, comfortable writing style, great ending, good moral behind it all and great plot too! Rating 3/5

Badass Bookie xx

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My View on Blogging Dos and Don'ts

Hi Everyone!!! How's it going? I'm forgot to tell you like yesterday and the day before and the day before but I'm on holidays!!! I have been able to finish one book a day so I think that's quite an achievement aye? Anyway, I big on manners and common etiquette and I think all those things goes for when you're blogging as well. So I decided to do a list of MY view on blogging dos and don'ts. I'm kinda bored you know? So I'm just blogging 'stuff'...

- Be polite to other bloggers and keep your negative self opinions to yourself
- Comment on other people's blogs whether it be a review, a feature, a guest post etc. Everyone likes comments so your comment could make someone else's day
- Be professional and polite when talking to authors and publishers for the first time, you want a positive image of a mature blogger
- Write honest reviews, an author or publisher would rather want your true opinion than some sugar-coated review
- Respect other people's opinions on a book, not everyone likes every book so their opinion matter as much as yours!
- Try to repay the favour of visiting a bloggers blog when they visit yours :)
- Make friends with other bloggers, don't hesitate to contact bloggers just to chat etc. I love it when I know I will expect a email from some other blogger who shares the love of books with me ( pop me an email if you're bored!)

- Be too cocky and boastful, remember you may be happy about  receiving a book for review but try to limit that pride to In My Mailbox posts or your own posts, don't go boasting on other people's blogs
- Be too forward and demanding, whether you are talking to other bloggers, authors or publishers, be polite and take their opinions graciously, no tantrums , no fuss and  you are a mature blogger
- Wait for people to follow you and visit your blog in blogger hop!!! That's not the spirit, visit as many blogs as you can and follow as many as you can but don't sit there and wait for people to come to you
- Expect publishers and authors to ask you review their books if you are a new blogger! I had been blogging for four months before a Publisher asked for to review for them ( I love you, Penguin <3)
- Pressure other bloggers, whether it be to host a giveaway or for them to send a book over, always ask nicely no matter what, just because you can't see them doesn't mean you treat them any differently if you were to treat the boss or principal :)

There! My list of blogging, dos and don'ts, these are the rule or guidelines that I follow so in a way this is my beliefs in being a good blogger. You guys probably have different dos and don'ts but I thought I would share my with you all! Happy blogging and reading!
Badass Bookie xx

Monday, September 20, 2010

Only Sexy Books Allowed 500 Followers Giveaway

Hey Guys, I know I should be posting reviews and stuff but I just too lazy to use my brain today so I'm going to post about a giveaway in the blogosphere instead. Only Sexy Book Allowed as hit 500 followers and is giving away three 2011 releases in advance! It's interenational it's awesome and it's big! Ends October 10th so go go go!!! Click HERE to enter!

Badass Bookie xx

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Princess Bookie Contest Craze Heads Up!

So my fellow book lovers you want to win some book? Want to enter some aesomw contests? Want to get your hands on well book and book and swag and books and more books?

Well then! I like to inform you that Cindy @  Princess Bookie is hosting a Contest Craze next month!!! Here's a bit about it taken from her blog :P

Contest Craze Will be starting a week from Monday (September 27th)! It will last two weeks this year with the major blowout contest day on October 9th. Each day there will be a special contest or a little mini challenge to participate and win! Over the course of the next week, Princess Bookie will be somewhat quiet in preparation for Contest Craze. There will still be a few posts here and there though.

Aren't you excited??? I mean okay, I probably the most unluckiest person in the world and never wins like anything even when I try really, really hard and pray to god and be good but still it's the excitement isn't it? So mark you're diaries and remember Contest Craze starts next month!

Badass Bookie xx

In My Mailbox #16

Hiya Peps! It's In My Mailbox time! I had quite a good week this week, no, scrape that I had an AWESOME week. Quality not quanitity people remember that... Anyway, I got some great books this week so eh, um, here's a picture?

Click to enlarge :)

For Review -
Matched ARC by Ally Condie - *happy dance* OMG I have been wanting this bok for what? Six months? Anyway it came in the mail and I was like crying in happiness. Unfortunately it doesn't have the pretty cover on the front but beggers can't be choosers right? :P Released November this year!

Across the Universe ARC by Beth Revis - Truth be told I haven't heard all that much about it until like two days before it arrived in the mail. 2011 debut author, on the back it says Titanic meets Avatar so should be good since I loved both movies! Released March next year!

Bright Young Things ARC by Anna Godberson - I have been lusting for this book since well I finished the Luxe series! I love the jazz age and all that classic beauty stuff so I so excited to read this one and isn't the cover just gorge-ous? Released next month!

What did you get in your mailbox?
Badass Bookie xx

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Demon Princess : Reign or Shine

Review Time! Ha! You see I finished almost two weeks ago but since I'm feeling extremely lazy these few weeks I have not posted a review of it ( or anything else for the matter) so far. I received this one fore review I think two weeks ago maybe? Can't remember but I had my eye on it for a while so I said yes, yes, yes and...yer so that's pretty much it.

Short Story?- Funny, quick and refreshing read. The Princess Diaries meets the paranormal.

Long Story? - The book was great fun to read! It reminded me of the princess diaries not because it was the writing style was similar. Um, it was great but there were flaws in the story. One, the guy in the story ( Michael) was insecure, nervous and had little self- confidence. No offence but what kind of hero, who rescues the maiden in distress is that??? Second, the plot was just a tad predicable I'm not going to spoil it but really it could have been a bit harder to figure out. Third, the cover. It is a great cover but I don't see where the blue comes from. Honestly, when I think demon princess I think stronger colours like black, silver, gold, red anything but blue. Other than that, it was good. The characters were alright, the plot predicable but interesting and the ending was really good so really I can't give it a low rating. Rating - 3/5

Badass Bookie xx

Friday, September 17, 2010

Blog Hop and Follow Friday

Hey Guys! It's time for Friday Hop again, thank-you as always to Jen @ Crazy for Books and Parajunkee @ Parajunkee View for hosting them!  Um, please leave a comment (and a link! it saves time!) so I can replay the favour! PS- I'm trying really hard to reach 325 so if you follow me I will return that favour too! So every follower I get this week, they will get an extra follower too!

In honor of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, let's take time this week to honor our favorite book bloggers and why we love them!

My favourite blog....

The Story Siren - I think this is a favourite of almost everyone? I just love Kristi's blog because a) It's totally badasss :P and b) It hosts In My Mailbox :P

Book Blogger Hop

Badass Bookie xx

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Clockwork Angel

Review Time! I'm a huge fan of the Mortal Instruments ( no joke, hard core) and when I found out that a new series was coming out set in the same world as the Mortal Instruments I was super excited. I have this obsession with book sets in the 1800's so this was like a dream come true :P

Short Story? - I don't know what all the fuss about Will is Jem all the way! Oh, and can't wait for the second one!

Long Story?- I absoulutely loved this book, I have read alot of good books lately but this one was Okay, so Cassandra Clare is a fanstastic writer but this book was just so good! It wsn't as funny as the Mortal Instruments but then it was set in a era where humour was rather dry so it all fits. There was clearly alot of research involved so credit to that ( historical fiction is almost as hard to write as Fantasy). I actually liked the "other" guy in this book more than the main one so that was diffierent from Mortal Instruments. The start was abit slow but it was really face paced so that was good. Um, I loved the cover, it was so mysterious and pretty that I spent alot of my time just staring at the book instead of reading it. I honestly can not choose which series I liked better but the plot was more interesting in this one hasnd down, I don't know if it's going to stay that way in the next book but hopefully it does! Great book overall, excellent characters, different, original, beautifully written ( fingers crossed that Jem and Tessa get together :P), cliff-hanger ending, 2010 MUST -READ! Rating 5/5

Badass Bookie xx

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Lonely Hearts Club

Review time! I finished The Lonely Hearts Club a week ago but since I schedule my posts I haven't posted it until now! 2010 Debut Author Elizabeth Eulberg is a genius! I loved this book! Continue on reading for my thoughts about this book ....

The Short Story? - Quick read that supports feminism view ( WE DON'T NEED A MAN, WE JUST WANT ONE !!!!) Independent thing rocks! Very funny and cute!

The Long Story? - This book is pure genius! I salute any author that can include music references into their books! I just think it's the cleverest thing in the world!!! I have to say this book taught a very important message, we don't NEED guys, we just want them. We are independent and don't need to be told what to do, feminism rules!!! Anyway, the whole concept of The Lonely Hearts Club (Beatles anyone?) is that these girls don't need a man and have sworn off guys because they are the scumbags of the world and all cheat on you blah blah blah (....) Anyway, really cute and funny, an amazing debut. For all the girls out there with broken hearts and are sick of boys, THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! Oh and Beatles fans! Quick and cute read, comfortable writing style, awesome characters, touching message and amazing plot, The Lonely Hearts Club is a must- read for every girl out there who don't believe there worthy (because you are! we are all beautiful :P) Anyway, just read it. Rating - 4.5/5

Badass Bookie xx

In My Mailbox #15

Hey Guys! It's In My Mailbox time! Inspired by the Pop Culture Junkie and hosted weekly by Kristi @ The Story Siren, In My Mailbox is one of my favourite memes! This week I didn't stop by the mailbox so I haven't picked up the books I got for review (if I got any :P) but I did stop by the library so all the books I got this week are borrowed!

I got-
Clockwork Angel By Cassandra Clare ( I was going to get my own copy and all but the library got it before it was in bookshops so I couldn't resist! Plus, I was first on the list anyway!)
Wildthorn by Jane Eagland
The Ranger Apprentice : The Kings of Clonmel by John Flannagan
Nightworld #2 by L.J. Smith ( borrowed from a friend)

What did yoou get this week?
Badass Bookie xx

Friday, September 10, 2010

Blog Hop and Follow Friday # ?

Hey Guys! It's time for Friday Hop again, thank-you as always to Jen @ Crazy for Books and Parajunkee @ Parajunkee View for hosting them! I'm dead tired right now since I played a game a touch against some other school ( we won! 5-0 whoop whoop!) Um, please leave a comment (and a link! it saves time!) so I can replay the favour! PS- I'm trying really hard to reach 300 so if you follow me I will return that favour too! So every follower I get this week, they will get an extra follower too!

This week's blogger twist question is -
Post a link to a favorite post or book review that you have written in the past three months.
My favourite posts (since I can't pick!) would be my The Post Brightened Up My Day Posts Part 1 and 2! Check them out and ( I don't know why but blogger won't let me link properly!)

Book Blogger Hop

Badass Bookie xx

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blue Bloods

Review Time! My friend has been telling me to read this for ages and I finally picked it up last week and read it! I will tell you straight up - I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I will! Now this "friend" was the same "friend" who recommended me The Vampire Academy series which is the best vampire series out there! So I'm a bit disappointed in this one since it was probably one of my least favourite vampire novels!

Short Story - Too much description, too much designer brand not enough solid story!

Long Story- I don't really know what all this has to do with vampires because three quarters of the book was just descibing the inside of someones wardrobe or what a penthouse looks like. The other quarter was just that was about vampires just couldn't cover the whole point of vampires for the whole book! The book would have made a better teen drama/ chick lit then vampire paranormal. it wasn't terrible but it defeats the purpose of paranormal because all it was about was the inside of some vampires wardrobe and how awesome parties are! Um, not alot of romance either so ... Anyway in short ( or long) I didn't really enjoy this book :( Rating 2/5

Badass Bookie xx

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Three Wishes Wednesday #15

Hello my poppets! I haven't done one of these in forever! ( No Joke!) Anyway, since the week before my Supernatural Showdown I haven't posted a wishlist so this week I am determined to bring three of my WANTED - Dead or Alive Books! Anyway here they are ....

1) The DUFF by Kody Keplinger

Release Date - September 7th 2010
Description - Seventeen-year-old Bianca Piper is cynical and loyal, and she doesn't think she's the prettiest of her friends by a long shot. She's also way too smart to fall for the charms of man-slut and slimy school hottie Wesley Rush. In fact, Bianca hates him. And when he nicknames her "Duffy," she throws her Coke in his face. But things aren't so great at home right now. Desperate for a distraction, Bianca ends up kissing Wesley. And likes it. Eager for escape, she throws herself into a closeted enemies-with-benefits relationship with Wesley. Until it all goes horribly awry. It turns out that Wesley isn't such a bad listener, and his life is pretty screwed up, too. Suddenly Bianca realizes with absolute horror that she's falling for the guy she thought she hated more than anyone. (Goodreads)

2) I Now Pronounce You As Someone Else by Erin McCahan

Release Date - June 1st 2010
Decription - Seventeen-year-old Bronwen Oliver doesn't just want a family. She has one of those, and there's nothing terribly wrong with them apart from bickering grandparents, an image-obsessed mother and a brother she describes simply as Jesus. But there's no natural sense of connection between Bronwen and her family, leaving her with the belief -- and the hope -- that she was switched at birth, that she was never supposed to be Bronwen Oliver but someone else entirely. When she begins dating college senior Jared Sondervan, she finds herself thoroughly embraced by the loving family she has always wanted and does not hesitate to say yes when Jared proposes on her 18th birhday. Plans for the Perfect Beach Wedding before her junior year of college become plans for the Perfect Beach Wedding before her freshman year of college. And a wedding so soon isn't exactly what Bronwen wants. But Jared is. And his family is. Or so she thinks. Before Bronwen can determine what she truly wants, she must first determine who she truly is, and the answer, she discovers, is only partially what she thought it was. She wasn't switched at birth, but she's also not Bronwen Oliver and hasn't been for a very long time. (Goodreads)

3) The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

Release Date - September 21st 2010
Description - Mackie Doyle seems like everyone else in the perfect little town of Gentry, but he is living with a fatal secret - he is a Replacement, left in the crib of a human baby sixteen years ago. Now the creatures under the hill want him back, and Mackie must decide where he really belongs and what he really wants. A month ago, Mackie might have told them to buzz off. But now, with a budding relationship with tough, wounded, beautiful Tate, Mackie has too much to lose. Will love finally make him worthy of the human world? (Goodreads)

That's all my wishes for this week! I love the cover of The DUFF! It's so cute <3 The Replacement remonds me of E.T. and I Now Pronounce You As Someone Else is just a fantatsic title! What's on your wishlist?
Badass Bookie xx

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

She's So Dead To Us

Review Time! I finished this on last week but haven't posted a review on it yet because I wanted a solid week this week! Anyway, She's So Dead To Us is probably one of the BEST YA books I have read EVER. So this is a review worth reading!  Now, the first thing that attracted me to this book is the Tiffany blue cover with pearls, I admit I have this thing with pearls and Tiffany so I was like MINE! My second thought was this is going to be about some dead chick who was a rich snob, I was.. wrong! In fact she was or she is very much alive and it was a totally epic teen romance/ drama novel!

The Short Story? An epic novel that includes all the basics of a very good teen novel! Hot guys, rich kids, pretty girls, drama, romance, tension and I repeat myself ONE OF THE BEST YA BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ!

The Long Story? The first thing I notice about a book is how many pages there are (well, after the cover and the author and the publisher) and this one only had a short 273 pages so I was like score! Pretty cover and not too long. The plot in this story is really real-like I guess. It talks about cliques and separating the rich from the norms, it talks about jealousy, betrayal, teenage romance and everything in between! The writing style was very easy to read and swapped form the perspective of a girl to a boy and so forth. The start was really good because it went straight to the point, the ending was rather abrupt, straight after a KA-BOOM moment so I'm guessing there will be a sequel! Great characters ( did I mention hot?), fantastic writing ( Thank-you Kieran Scott), genius plot ( Thank-you again) and one of the best books I have read in a long time! It feels like I'm finally breathing fresh air again! Rating 5/5

Badass Bookie xx

Sunday, September 5, 2010

In My Mailbox #14

Morning Darling Poppets! As you can see, I have scheduled this post since there is no way in heaven or hell that I could or would get up at midnight to post this post! I have to say these are a highlight of my week so here is my mailbox for this week ( it was abit slow but beggers can't be choosers, not that I begged for them or anything...*twitch*) ....

For Review-

Demon Princess : Reign or Shine by Michelle Rowan
- ( excited for this one! I have been meaning to grab a copy after all the positive reviews but since I got a copy for review, all the better!)


Monster Rupublic by Ben Horton
- ( Thank- you to Book Chick City for this one. I won this one from the April Speculative Challenge!)

That's all for this week! What's in your mailbox?
Badass Bookie xx

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Eternal Ones

Review Time! Guys, I really excited about reviewing this one because it was absolutely the cutest thing ever! Okay, so The Eternal Ones written by Kirsten Miller, published and out in shops last week ( I think). Anyway, don't judge THIS book by it's cover, it may be a be abit plain looking but the story is far from that! 

 Anyway, the short story? A really, really cute romantic read woven together by a beautiful writing style.

The long story? The book was split up into two parts which I like to call Before Iain and After Iain anyway, this is a book about reincarnation and how two lovers whose relationship ended badly in the last life continue to be attracted to each other in this life. Haven who was a rich girl called Constance in the last life believes that the love of her life Ethan, is notorious party boy Iain Morrows in this life.

Anyway, in my opinion this was probably one of the better books that I have read this year ( no Glimmerglass or Spirit Bound but one of the better ones :P) The Before Iain part was pretty long and my opinion, too long and a tad boring. However, I guess the fact that the After Iain part was so fast-paced it kinda made up for it. The romance in this book can rival any best romances out there, it was simply so so so sweet! A but too much religion in this one too but I guess the fact that it has something to do with reincarnation, it all fits. Haven and Iain are definitely one of the cutest character couples! The highlight for this book I guess is that it was so romantic you simply can't dislike it! The writing style was beautiful, great characters, extremely clever plot, fantastic romance and a great read to dig into! Rating - 4.5/5

Badass Bookie xx

Friday, September 3, 2010

Blog Hop 3rd September

Hello there Everyone! Friday is THE day to engage yourself and hop around and check out other bookish blogs :P Lucky for us we have Book Blogger Hop and Follow Friday! Thank-you to both Jennifer and Parajunkee for hosting these fantatsic memes! This week book blogger question is...

Do you judge a book by its cover?
The answer is is yes! Although everyone says don'tt judge a book by it's cover, I personally feel that a good book will have a decent cover because obviously the publisher has high hopes for it and have decided to put the effort into creating a good cover! ( I know right? I'm so judgemental :P) However, usually this works so you know go with the flow!

Book Blogger Hop

If you are hopping over PLEASE leave a comment and a link so I can hop around over!

Badass Bookie xx

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Scott Nicholson Kindle Tour - ADVANCE Buzz!

Author Scott Nicholson and Amazon are giving away two Kindles as part of his fall book blog tour from September through November, including a stop here at Bad Ass Bookie on Sept. 23. A Kindle DX will be given away through the participating blogs, and a Kindle 3 will be given away through the tour newsletter. A Pandora's Box of free ebooks will be given away through Nicholson's "hauntedcomputer" Twitter account.

"The digital era coincides with Act II of my career," Nicholson said. "The Kindle has broadened many people's horizons and given readers more power than ever, and this is an opportunity to celebrate them and the book bloggers who spread the word."

Nicholson is author of 12 novels and five story collections, as well as four comics series and six screenplays. His paranormal thrillers The Red Church, Drummer Boy and Speed Dating with the Dead have all hit #1 in the Kindle "Ghosts" category, and his new releases are the sci-fi thriller Forever Never Ends and the multiple-personality romp As I Die Lying.

As a bonus, if Nicholson hits the Top 100 in the U.S. or U.K. Kindle Store during the tour between Sept. 1 and Nov. 30, he will give away an extra Kindle 3 through the blogs. Sign up for the newsletter at to get daily links to the participating blogs. Winners will be selected at the Watauga County (NC) Public Library in December. No purchase necessary, and the contest is international. Co-sponsored by Kindle Nation Daily and Dellaster Design. Details at

Hey Guys! I was honoured enough to make the blogger team for this tour and Scott will be here on Badass Bookie on September 23rd. He will also be hosting a giveaway here for commenters so stay turned!

Badass Bookie xx