Sunday, September 19, 2010

Princess Bookie Contest Craze Heads Up!

So my fellow book lovers you want to win some book? Want to enter some aesomw contests? Want to get your hands on well book and book and swag and books and more books?

Well then! I like to inform you that Cindy @  Princess Bookie is hosting a Contest Craze next month!!! Here's a bit about it taken from her blog :P

Contest Craze Will be starting a week from Monday (September 27th)! It will last two weeks this year with the major blowout contest day on October 9th. Each day there will be a special contest or a little mini challenge to participate and win! Over the course of the next week, Princess Bookie will be somewhat quiet in preparation for Contest Craze. There will still be a few posts here and there though.

Aren't you excited??? I mean okay, I probably the most unluckiest person in the world and never wins like anything even when I try really, really hard and pray to god and be good but still it's the excitement isn't it? So mark you're diaries and remember Contest Craze starts next month!

Badass Bookie xx

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