Thursday, September 23, 2010


Review Time! I told in my last post that I have been able to finish a book a day right? So two days ago I finished Wildthorn  by Jane Eagland. Fairly new release in the US but apparently it was released here in AUS like last year!!!! ( O_O huh???) Anyway never mind, I loved the cover of this book so yer read on....

Short Story ? - Good message behind the whole plot and this is another one of those ' why we should stand up for women's rights' books and jeez by the time I read to the end I was ready to kill all those men in the 1800's!!!

Long Story ?- I'm going to keep this one spoil-free since it's fairly new and I don't want to ruin it for anyone ( wait, all my reviews are practically spoil-free!!!) Anyway, since I can't spoil the ending and what got me so so so angry at men in the 1800's I will explain what the book is about. It's about a girl called Louisa who is sent to a mental hospital because other's reckon she is crazy ( not going to tell you why) but honestly she is not so the normal locked up among the crazies. Then love free her from the hospital ( not going to tell you the love interest either, I was S-H-O-C-K-E-D though..but only because it was unexpected well I had my feeling about it and they were right) I can't tell you guys anymore than that without spoiling so continue on with the review. I admit I was confused and lost at the start mainly because it went from present to past in the first part ( the book is split into three parts) and I was only really cleared in the last part. Also it was one of those really depressing ones where the character was helpless and all I wanted is part the pages and slap everyone silly :P I normally wouldn't read these books but I made an exception this time because I didn't know about it and I just can not put a book down even if it's the worst book ever. However, comfortable writing style, great ending, good moral behind it all and great plot too! Rating 3/5

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  1. Awesome review! I really want to get this one!
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