Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My View on Blogging Dos and Don'ts

Hi Everyone!!! How's it going? I'm forgot to tell you like yesterday and the day before and the day before but I'm on holidays!!! I have been able to finish one book a day so I think that's quite an achievement aye? Anyway, I big on manners and common etiquette and I think all those things goes for when you're blogging as well. So I decided to do a list of MY view on blogging dos and don'ts. I'm kinda bored you know? So I'm just blogging 'stuff'...

- Be polite to other bloggers and keep your negative self opinions to yourself
- Comment on other people's blogs whether it be a review, a feature, a guest post etc. Everyone likes comments so your comment could make someone else's day
- Be professional and polite when talking to authors and publishers for the first time, you want a positive image of a mature blogger
- Write honest reviews, an author or publisher would rather want your true opinion than some sugar-coated review
- Respect other people's opinions on a book, not everyone likes every book so their opinion matter as much as yours!
- Try to repay the favour of visiting a bloggers blog when they visit yours :)
- Make friends with other bloggers, don't hesitate to contact bloggers just to chat etc. I love it when I know I will expect a email from some other blogger who shares the love of books with me ( pop me an email if you're bored!)

- Be too cocky and boastful, remember you may be happy about  receiving a book for review but try to limit that pride to In My Mailbox posts or your own posts, don't go boasting on other people's blogs
- Be too forward and demanding, whether you are talking to other bloggers, authors or publishers, be polite and take their opinions graciously, no tantrums , no fuss and  you are a mature blogger
- Wait for people to follow you and visit your blog in blogger hop!!! That's not the spirit, visit as many blogs as you can and follow as many as you can but don't sit there and wait for people to come to you
- Expect publishers and authors to ask you review their books if you are a new blogger! I had been blogging for four months before a Publisher asked for to review for them ( I love you, Penguin <3)
- Pressure other bloggers, whether it be to host a giveaway or for them to send a book over, always ask nicely no matter what, just because you can't see them doesn't mean you treat them any differently if you were to treat the boss or principal :)

There! My list of blogging, dos and don'ts, these are the rule or guidelines that I follow so in a way this is my beliefs in being a good blogger. You guys probably have different dos and don'ts but I thought I would share my with you all! Happy blogging and reading!
Badass Bookie xx


  1. What an excellent post - all those things are true and make the blogging experience a lot of fun and a really positive experience for me :-)

  2. Nice post! I'm glad to know that I haven't broken too many of the "Don't"s! I agree, that blogging is not just about your own blog, how many followers, how many comments--no, it's really about everyone else. I love visiting other blogs more than anything! :D

  3. These are great! Thanks for posting.

  4. Great list! This should definitely be the rules of etitque for blogging.

  5. Great post! Some of its common sense but you never know about some people. Thanks for posting! :)

  6. Great list - and a great idea. There are a lot of new (and veteran) bloggers out there who will benefit from one or another or, let's be honest, all of these tips.

    I remember my first Giveaway win and the first time I was asked by a publisher to review a book on my blog - it was hard to contain the excitement but, you're right, your own blog is the place to celebrate. When we're visiting other blogs, we should be genuinely responding to that blogger's content. :)

  7. That's an amazing list! Think it covers everything!

    I do think that, in life in general, you have to learn to be kind and polite in most situations, and to always be respectful.

  8. Excellent advice. I really think it jsut comes down to being respectful and kind. Great post!

  9. I think that's a good list! I don't think do anything on the don't list, but feel free to call me on it if I do :)

  10. Great tips...And, comments totally make my day! Especially when they're more than just a few words. Not that I don't like the short ones. I love my blogging peeps!

  11. Great list of advice. Comments can make you feel like you're actually connecting to the people out in cyberspace.

  12. Super list! Thanks for compiling such great advice!

  13. As a new blogger, I always appreciate helpful tips from established bloggers. Thank you for this!