Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Insider's Scoop of the Penguin Headquarters

Pick up some shades and tight fitting pants
Agent Booklover we are going James Bond
syle :P
Sooooo all you book lovers out there, who doesn't want to tour a publisher's headquarters then have lunch with an award winning author???? I may not be able to see you guys raise your hands but I know deep inside everyone wants to do just that right? ( all you have to do is nod and agree) Well then! Penguin Australia is giving YOU the chance! Since Penguin loves all us bloggers and readers alike so much they are giving one of YOU a chance to tour their headquarters ( haha it sounds like they are some secret organization instead of just a publishing house *wink*) AND lunch with awarad-winning Australian author Kirsty Eagar!

Now, If you love YA literature and can get yourself to Camberwell on Wednesday 29 September by 10 a.m. AND you'd love to tour Penguin HQ then interview Kirsty Eagar followed by a lunch with Kirsty and some 'Penguins', then all you need to do is send us an email with your details and tell us what ten questions you'd like to ask Kirsty at the interview. The lucky winner will get to enjoy all of the above and their interview with Kirsty will be posted on BTL!

Unfortuantely it's only open to victorian (AUS) residents ( I would enter myself if this was not the case sucks right now so meh) More info at the Penguin blog click HERE GO ENTER YOURSELF ALL YOU VICTORIAN RESIDENTS OR THE RICH KIDS AND ADULTS ALIKE WHO CAN FLY FIRST-CLASS AND BE THERE NEXT WEDENESDAY !!!!!

Look on the bright side you get a free lunch!
Badass Bookie xx


  1. I would love to go but haven't read any books by Kirsty Eager yet to ask questions about.

  2. As someone who has been the Penguin office, it is super swanky and lovely! What an awesome competition, pity I have to work :(