Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Review Time! Soooo I haven't much besides post reviews for these past weeks because I have been very, very lazzzzyyyyy. Um, I'm tryig to catch-up on my 2010 Debut Author challenge so this is another one. Sherrilyn Kenyon is actually an adult fiction author who is debuting in YA fiction. So it's still counted!!!

Short Story? - Excellent characters, reminded me of Mortal Instruments except it wasn't as funny! But still it made me laugh :) Oh, and it has like every paranormal specie you can imagine like a glass of jelly beans!

Long Story?- This book was really good! The writing style was nothing like mortal Instruments but because of it's sense of humor ( sarcastic and all that) it reminded me so so so much Mortal Instruments. The book as a whole was fantastic but the plot was really random ( in a good way). There are so many characters that pop out randomly and join in with the story, you would be like 'wow okay so there she goes'. Comfortable writing style once you adjust to it, very funny ( I laughed so hard about Nick's "shirt" issue) , great characters that you would immediately learn to like, the start was abit slow but as the book developes soon I found it hard to catch up with all that's going on. The thing that stood out the most was how random the whole book was ( no seriously it's like so random). Not the best debut but one of the better ones. Rating 3.5/5

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  1. I read Kenyon's adult Dark Hunter series which has Nick as an adult so I was SO excited to read about his past. Loved the book.

  2. The cover is really cool! I don't think I would like a random plot, though or too many characters :( my mind is about to implode from school... so maybe I'll revisit that opinion down the line.

    Loved your review, though.


  3. Kenyon has a knack for writing Adult books. I was on the edge of her writing YA because I do adore her adult books. It was good for YA but I found myself wanting what she is good at. *Sigh*

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  4. I haven't read it yet, but I think I should.

    Love you voice in the review!