Review Policy

Dear Authors/Publishers/Agents,

This year has been extremely busy and I've found myself struggling to read as much as I want to so as of August 2012, I will no longer be accepting review request from self-published authors or small independent publishers.

I DO NOT ACCEPT E-BOOKS. I don't have an E-reader nor do I read from a computer screen. I'm a print copy only reader so if you can't provide a physical copy of your book, please do not contact me and look for alternative reviewers who do accept E-books.

If you email me please note that there is a good chance that I won't reply. My inbox is overwhelming and sometimes I never get around to saying a 'thank-you but I'm not interested'.

I only look at requests for YA novels or Adult novels that crossover with the YA genre. I can not guarantee a review although I try my best to do so but if I don't like a book or don't finish it, I will not be reviewing it on the blog.

I do not review -


Contact me on -callmeghostgirl(AT)yahoo(DOT)com(DOT)au

Badass Bookie xx