Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've Been Tagged!!!

This is an international game of Tag! I was tagged by Cass @ Words on Paper Basically I have to answer some questions about myself so you know your cute little Aussie blogger better :P ( I'm cute and cuddly like a bunny right??? O_O)

4 Things in my Handbag ( When I actually bring one, I usually just stuff things in my pockets)

- Phone ( Sony Vaio)
- Ipod ( Purple!!!)
- Loose change and money
- Glasses ( You never know when there is a cute boy and you need a closer look!)

4 Things in/on my Desk:

- Computer or Laptop ( I have both, usually the laptop due to convenience and because it's pink and Sony Vaio :P see a pattern)
- An army of nail polish
- The complete season of Quran High School Host Club ( best anime ever! )
- Souvenirs from England ( My fiend went like two months ago but I never put them away)
4 Favorite Things in my Bedroom:

- My computer
- My bookshelf
- My bed
- My big red reading chair

4 Things I Always Wanted to Do (but haven't yet):

- Get my IB diploma and head of to Cambridge ( aim high people!)
- Travel around the world, mainly to Spain and the rest of Europe)
- Attend at least one BEA ( I'm not going to my deathbed without attending one!)
- Marry some hunk and live happily ever after in a big house by the beach with my daughter and son, Carmen and Jasper ( ha! I named my children, not certain but maybes)

4 Things I Enjoy Very Much at the Moment:

- Reading and blogging ( I love you guys!)
- Checking my e-mail and mailbox, it's always exciting!
- Playing Touch Football ( and winning) with all my friends!
- Being on holidayssssss

4 Songs I Can't Get Out of My Head:

- We'll Be Alright by Travie McCoy
- For The First Time by The Script
- Spiderwebs by No Doubt
- Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

4 Things you Don't Know About Me:

- I have loved reading since I was seven, however my mum hasn't picked up a book for at least five years ( or longer)
- I wore the same dress as some other girl at a recent party *sob* ( It broke my heart), we bought it on the same day but at different places!!!
- I love Sherlock Holmes the movie
- I have a pathetic crush on Alex Pettyfer ( dayummmm he is sooo fine)

I'm gonna tag - Brittany @ Nice Girls Reads Books , Tina @ Book Couture, Emily @ Dragons Ate My Homework and Heather @ Buried in Books (haha only half Aussie pride!)

Badass Bookie xx


  1. I love this! It was fun to learn more about you :)

  2. Catching up with all the blogs I haven’t had a chance to visit in a while, it was good to hear all your latest news.

  3. Fun post! your answers!! We have a few things in common: my iPod is purple too, BEA is on my bucket list and I loved the Sherlock Holmes movie :)


    {PS: Also, I hope you don't mind a little self-promoting! I did a book review VLOG for Gail Carriger's "Blameless". If you have 8 minutes to spare, please check it out and let me know what you think.}

  4. Mmmm... Alex Pettyfer, indeed! I have a major crush on him, too! I swoon over him in Wild Child like mad!

    Thanks for tagging me! I filled out my answers and posted them at my blog :D!!!

  5. BEA is a good one I forgot to mention. It looks like such a great event, and it boils my blood thinking about all those massive stacks of books, that many publishers just GIVE AWAY!! We need to start some sort of petition, Lisa! Or, can do it. :) Thanks for letting me know some stuff about you!!

  6. Thanks for taggin me, Lisa! I'm so honoured.

    Yes, Alex Pettyfer is one fine man. And, you love OHSHC?? You are my soul sister! :D I <3 Tamaki.