Monday, November 29, 2010

Updates on 2011 Debutante Event!

Hello my poppets! I here to update you on the 2011 Debutante giveaway that I, Badass Bookie, will be hosting during the month of Christmas! Right now, I'm hosting a Spread the Word and Win Giveaway for everyone who well, spreads the word about the giveaway!  Click ( HERE ) to access giveaway, it ends on November 30th so hurry!

Anyway firstly, the blogger I asked to do my graphics has mysteriously disappeared from the virtual world so I don't know when I can have a button or even have one at all, which is a very sad thing. I was going to make one myself but I don't have a creative bone in my body so really it's quite a letdown. HOWEVER, if anyone can make some graphics ( nice, classy, elegant with a christmas feel) in the next 24 hours I will give them - 50 extra entries to any giveaway that is featured below INCLUDING the spread the word giveaway! Email you entries to I will pick one entrant for 50 entries, however for your efforts I will give 20 extra entries for every entrant even if you don't win. Please help out guys, please, please, please!!!

Secondly, the schedule for the event! Each debutante will have a two day feature, the first day will be a get to know your debs post and the second day will be more about the books AND Giveaways galore!!! *hint hint* most of the giveaways ARE international!

1st-2nd of Dec. - Julia Karr ( XVI)
3rd-4th of Dec - Amy Holder ( Lipstick Laws)
5th-6th of Dec - Carrie Harris ( Bad Taste In Boys)
7th-8th of Dec - Elana Johnson ( Possession)
9th-10th of Dec - Lia Habel ( Dearly, Departed)
11th-12th of Dec - Sara Bennett Wealer ( Rival)
13th-14th of Dec - Beth Revis ( Across the Universe)
15th-16th of Dec - Lisa and Lauren Roecker ( The Liar Society)
17th -18th of Dec - Kristi Cook ( Haven)
19th -20th of Dec - Cynthia Hand ( Unearthly)
21st-22nd of Dec - Kiki Hamilton ( The Faerie Ring)
23rd-24th of Dec - Lauren DeStefano ( Wither)
25th of Dec - Wrap up post

Thirdly, Spread the Word Giveaway Prizes! Not all of it has arrived so this is only some of it. Also there will be TWO (2) winner instead of one! One must be in the US. Also all the Swag will be mixed up!

US Only! Kindly Donated by Lisa and Laura Roecker, these lovely ladies don't have a book cover yet but have put together a lovely prize pack of their main character's favourite things ( *sound of music somg*)

Lipstick Laws Swag Galore! Signed Bookmarks, Stickers, Tattoos, Magnets, Button, Candy, Lipgloss and Signed Book thingies by the dozens!

Across the Universe Swag Galore! Signed Bookamrs, Cards thingies and Buttons Galore!

Rival Swag! Ten Signed Bookmarks!

More to come! As I said this is NOT all of the 'prizes' so keep an eye out! Ladies and Gent get ready for the event of the year...the 2011 Debutantes are ready!

Badass Bookie xx