Monday, November 15, 2010

Sister Red

Review Time! Hey Guys, sorry for the lack of posts lately I had exam week so I had to focus. However, it should be a full week this week! A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of Sister Red by Jackson Pearce. I can not tell you how excited I was, I had been wanting to read this book for AGES!!! Anyway, my thoughts?

The Short Story? - I think this is like a fractured re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood ( actually I sure) and it's about two sisters who fight werewolves and there is this guy called Silas and and's one of the best werewolf tales I have ever read! ( NOTE* Just been told that it's more of a Re-telling than a Fratured fairytale, to be honest to me, they are both the same thing but just letting you guys know :P)

The Long Story? - Firstly, I would like all of us to put our hands together or Jackson Pearce, amazing story teller, hooked from the first page. I have always been attracted to fractured fairytales but Jackson just takes it to a whole new level! It was addictive, her writing style is just so easy to read, it feels like you are part of the novel. I would like to say that Sister Red is probably one of the most cleverly written books I have read, fractured fairytales aren't commonly written as novels and when they are, they stand out however Sister Red just took the meaning of awesome book to a whole new level! The characters are so well bought out. One of the highlights for me was the connection I felt with the Characters, they are so life-like that you can easily connect with them. Beautifully written like I already said, I love how the book started almost straightaway no blabbering on and on and on ( bo-ring) The ending was rather abrupt but in it's own unique way it was a fantastic ending. I seriously recommend everyone to read this... this awesome book!!!! Rating 4.5/5

Badass Bookie xx


  1. Ummm...

    "Fractured" fairytales are parodies. This is a retelling. Or "reimagining", if you will. ^_^;;;;

    It is a good book, though, despite the unfortunate implications in the story.

    Lupines and Lunatics

  2. Thanks for the review Lisa!

    I definitely NEED to get a copy of this. Better yet, just flag Jackson Pearce as an author altogether. Love her Youtube vids, so it's funny that I love her so much despite the fact that I have not yet read either AUW or SR.

  3. Loved this book! I loved the fighting and the strength in it :) Nice review :)

  4. You know, it's funny how people can disagree. I really did not care for this book.The deal breaker with me was that the sisters were supposed to be so kick-ass, but every battle scene, a boy swoops in and saves the day. I thought we were past all of that. Then, I got to the point in which we were picking classes and just didn't care anymore. Life is too short, and there are too many books out there to stick with one that's not doing it for you. But I like to read reviews from both sides. Sometimes I will pick a book up and try it again if someone who likes the same things I do had a different opinion. This is not one of those times, but thank you for your review.