Monday, January 2, 2012

Introducing New ( and More Accurate) Rating System

Starting from 2012, Badass Bookie will be using a new rating system. Reviews on the blog will no longer be rated from a 1-5 scale. I have found that the 1-5 scale doesn't effectively actually rate a book because I  rarely ( very rarely) rate a novel below a 4. Due to this, I don't think the 1-5 rating system is meeting my needs therefore I have created a new rating system.

I think Kristi @ The Story Siren has the right idea with the Shelfability rating system and I think my new rating system is very much like it but a little different. Please note that I didn't "copy or steal" her rating system but it did influence my decision to create a new rating system that is more effective.

I once wrote in a discussion post on the blog that I do not review books that I didn't thoroughly enjoy or didn't finish and in 2012 that's going to change with the introduction of the new rating system. I will not be reviewing unfinished books but I will be reviewing books that I didn't quite enjoy yet I think others will enjoy so ' It's Not You, It's Me' books. 

I think it's important to establish at the start of the year that I receive copies of books for review that are out of my comfort zone yet I read anyway so that it can surprise me or because it's for review purposes. These books more often then not are dark contemporaries ( i.e. coming-to-age novels, deals with heavy issues, drug or sex references, sob stories) and I'm part of the minority of YA readers who more often than not do not enjoy these books. Therefore while I might no speak highly of the book, it's always good to read other reviews to cross reference our ratings :) 

New Rating System - What's it's Worth? 

The use of the new system reflects on my own need to actually own my books. 

Break Out the Piggy Bank - This book is worth dipping into your savings for, forget about your pay check -  go straight into your savings and pull out a twenty because this is worth EVERY. LAST. CENT.

Hand Over the Pay Check -  The first thing you buy with your hard-earned pay check because you know ( after reading Badass Bookie's review) that the book is going to be worth it and everyone needs a well-deserved treat.

Squeeze Into the Budget - This one comes down to personal preference that - read the review THEN read another review and then another before you decide whether it's worth your money.

So all reviews in 2012 will be rated using the 'What's it's Worth' rating system. If the novel doesn't not fit not fit not he scale ( i.e. I *really* hated it) then the rating will be left blanked. 

That's all for now!

Badass Bookie xx


  1. I like this new rating system. I think it'll help your readers understand how you really feel.