Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Pale Assassin

Review Time! I’m trailing a little behind with my review lately! With school starting and everything, I haven’t had so much time to write down reviews. I NEED to start scheduling  :( The Pale Assassin is the first book in Pimpernelles series by Patricia Elliott, it’s a novel that I won a while back in a giveaway Hachette Children Australia hosted so thank-you Hachette!

(Goodreads) Spoiled, beautiful fourteen-year-old Eugénie de Boncoeur is accustomed to outrageous privilege. The French Revolution may rage around her, but Eugénie's luxurious lifestyle is only improved by visits from her brother, Armand, especially doting since the two were orphaned. What Eugénie doesn't know is that their guardian has promised her in marriage to the wealthy, vengeful Le Fantome, a revolutionary nursing a secret grudge against her family. As the Revolution becomes increasingly violent, Eugénie is shipped off to convent school. Finally, there is no place in France that is safe for her. Eugénie dusts off her lightly used brains and rises to the challenge of survival; and soon she is in the thick of turmoil and romance, confronting spies, secret agents, and double-crossing suitors in her quest to get out of France alive.

The Short Story? – A YA historical fiction that follows the dangers of the life of a young aristocrat during the French Revolution. Filled with knowledge, danger, secrets and hidden agendas. The Pale Assassin is a thrilling work of fiction that is both beautifully written and wonderfully plotted! Great characterization, this is not one to be missed!

The Long Story? – I’ve always been a sucker for historical fiction but I admit when I picked The Pimpernelles I didn’t have any knowledge about what the book was about. I just thought the cover was pretty! I very much liked the plot, the novel follows the life of a young aristocrat called Eugenie during the French Revolution. It follows her troubles, her fears and her adventure and journey to England. The Pale Assassin is a wealth of information about the French Revolution, even if it is fiction. I really learnt quite a bit about the Revolution through the novel. Filled with plots, secrets and hidden agendas – if you love a good thriller or mystery this one is a winner!

The characterization was accurate. Elliott portrayed characters so that their personalities and behaviors reflected on how the people would have acted during the French Revolution. Eugenie was a fantastic protagonist, we really see her develop and by the end of the novel, she becomes a true heroine. She starts of a little vain and clingy and whiny but I guess that’s how rich fourteen-year-old aristocrats would act! As the novel progresses and as she grows older, her sense of responsibility and awareness develops and you see a significant change of attitude. There were many secondary characters that I grew fond of including Julien, Guy, Belle and Manon. A very rich cast!

The Pale Assassin is perhaps not a very widely known YA work of historical fiction but it is definitely one that is worth a reading! Filled with adventure, secrets and heart-pounding moments, the novel is a roller-coaster ride of a read. Plenty of twists and turns and unpredictable outcomes, Elliott has written not only an enjoyable novel but also one that carries mystery and suspense! Fantastic read, I can’t wait to read the sequel!

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  1. I don't read enough historical fiction. I do enjoy them though, and this sounds like a great book. Awesome review.

  2. I remember giving this a try a year or so ago-I probably couldn't get past Eugenie's young vanity although I probably would have enjoyed seeing her mature.