Thursday, January 6, 2011

My New Bookshelf!

Hey! Guess what? For my birthday/ christmas ( too close for seperate presents) my dad promised me a whole room makeover complete with new furniture, wallpaper you name it! So I was entitled to a new bookshelf!

So take a lookie -

So here's what's left of my books after I packed up anything published before 2008, put them in boxes and stored in the garage. There are a few exceptions but the majority was published in the last two years :)
How do I organise my books?

Top Shelf -

Stand - alone, first in the series and all paperback ( my entire bookshelf only consists of 7 hardbacks) Colour co-ordinated ( mostly). It's also organised by size.
Middle Shelf -

Colour co-ordinated so that the entire shelf is mainly black. The is where all my series' go. As you can see  barely any of them are completed :P As much as I try to complete a series it never happens.
 Bottom Shelf -

This is where all my hardbacks, ARCs, Signed books go. It's also the home to my books that didn't fit on the first two shleves :)

However, that's only part of the bookshelf...

That Blue Box is my Swag Box :)

Badass Bookie xx


  1. Congrats on the room makeover and nice new bookcase! :)

  2. Lovely new bookcase! And with room to spare! :)

  3. Nice shelves and awesome books!

  4. Awesome! So organized :) And plenty of room for more yay!

  5. I like your system of colour coordination :) My bookshelf is one shelf non-fiction/textbooks, another shelf is fiction and the third shelf is full of English Lit texts and library books. Not fancy at all :P

  6. Oh how cool!! I have ALOT of bookshelves that need sorting so come on over :)

  7. Rad bookshelf! I organise mine, similarly, with the series on one shelf and stand alones on another. However, I'm running out of room, so I might need an upgrade haha.

  8. Admittedly Jealous. I need to get me some shelves very soon. I did buy brackets to put up shelves over 6 months ago...but that's about as far as that went.

    Your bookshelf is very pretty congratulations.

  9. I love looking at pictures of bookshelves. Mine's organized alphabetically by author for books I've read or in piles of books waiting to be read.

  10. Congrats. That GIANT lollipop looks amazing lol. I need a new bookshelf for myself :(

  11. I love your bookshelf !! I really need to make that kind of post on my blog ! =)

  12. OOh pretty! I love getting new bookshelves! Although my room is pretty full of shelves now. Although my mom did say if or when my sis and niece move out I can turn the extra room into a partial library for the treadmill will likley be coming back up as well. But I still might get at least one wall!

  13. Awesome! It looks a lot like my shelf actually. Have fun filling it up! ;)

  14. Totally jealous! I need a new bookshelf bad. Stacking them everywhere is starting to make me feel like a hoarder.

  15. cool shelves, you have some great books there. Love 'Ghostgirl' and 'Matched'

  16. Lovely, just Lovely!

    It is always too fun to get a new bookshelf! I just moved and my books are in serious disarray! It saddens me but it shall not be forever.

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    January:  Nephilim/Fallen Angels. 

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  17. So awesome! It looks so beautiful and organized!

  18. I love your bookshelf! All those pretty books. ;-) I asked for a bookcase too for Christmas and mine isn't full yet either. But now, instead of in a teetering tower next to my bed I have a whole ROW of To Be Read!

    Happy Belated Birthday!