Saturday, July 24, 2010

Raised by Wolves

Review Time! I haven't written a review in so long!!! Anyway, I finished Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes this week and it was really good. I am continuing with the werewolf theme so this is a werwolfish book :P Well firstly it was really different to any other book I have read in a way that is really hard to explain. You kinda feel like you are the character, I felt like I was actually in the story. I don't if it is just me or something but I find Jessica Lynn Barnes a fantastic writer when it came to emotions. That I felt was the highlight of the story for me. The rest was okay but it really just blended into the rest of the books I have read lately.

It had great characters, a good plot, great start and ending BUT it was 'Just Another Book'. I find that when I read a really good book (aka Glimmerglass) I start expecting more from the book I read after that so it might just be me. I like to compare books and this just wasn't a match for Glimmerglass which was AMAZING x 100 ( and Glimmerglass wasn't even my favourite book all time just one of the great ones :P) So overall it was good nothing wrong with it or anything I wasn't pleased with. It just happened to be the book that got my higher expectations after glimmerglass. Rating - 3/5

Badass Bookie xx


  1. I loved this book. I got so caught up with her being betrayed and all, such drama. But I am sucker for that.

  2. great review! i tend to have extremely high expectations after reading an awesome book. i actually have to be careful about choosing the next book i read. i usually try to pick something completely different so i don't keep comparing, so i know how you feel.
    also, stop by my blog check out the award i have for you :)

  3. aw, I'm sad it didn't stand out for you more. This is actually one of the few new YA releases that HAS stood out for me! Mainly plot-wise.