Friday, July 2, 2010

Writer's Block #2

The last Writer's Block was quite a success so why not do another one? For those who don't know Writer's Block is a potential weekly feature here at Badass Bookie. It is kinda of like a activity where bloggers all get together and take there turn in writing a story. So I would start the story by writing two sentences or something like that and than a commenter (aka you) would continue it on from there and so on.


ME- It was a hot summer's night. Lucy glanced out at the ocean.
Commenter #1 - She was deep in thought when suddenly batman appeared
Commenter #2 - he swooped her of her feet and carried her into the night

Something like that BUT obviously longer. Rules for this game/feature are-

1) No killing off characters
2) Only write appropriate things so no batmans or spidermans or paris hiltons
3) Please don't end the story ( like don't write' and they lived happily ever after')
4) You part in the story has to be at least a few sentences long you can wrtie as much as like but not pathetically long ;P
5) You can't post continuous parts of the story their has to be someone else's 'part' in between. (so you can post more than one part

Okay, so that's the jest. Last week we wrote an pretty awesome story s let's try and do that again should we? BTW it turned out to be a vampire story and I didn't think It could be a vampire story (hehe).

Title - Untitled (someone has to come up with a name for the last one)

I will start-

I slammed the door shut behind me as I made my way down the street. It was almost midnight and I had to get home before than. I kept my head down as I crossed the street and headed for the subway. This wasn't a good part of the town and I didn't want to run into any trouble. ( YOUR TURN)
Badass Bookie xx

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