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Author's Weekend #3 ( Interview)

Hola Amigos!!!! It's part two of the author's weekend with LM Preston. Scroll down for part one (I'm too lazy to link). So today is the Interview with the lovely LM Preston! WIth no further ado....

1) Best thing about writing science fiction?

Writing science fiction removes boundaries of real world settings. I can create gadgets, climates, beings. I had originally attempted to write a YA Romance novel, and I couldn’t finish it. In order for me to complete a book, I like to create excitement and writing science fiction gave me the energy to do so.

2) What inspired you to write The Pack? How did it all start?

There were several things that influenced the idea of The Pack. I had originally planned for this character to be a male. I had told my beta team (my kids and husband) about this idea I had about a blind vigilante that organizes a group of misfit kids to fight against a major crime organization on Mars. My daughter told me that she wanted me to write about a female main character. That it would be cool to have a girl in the role. I smiled and Shamira’s face appeared in my mind’s eye.

I decided that her mission would be to save missing kids, because I wanted to write about missing kids escaping from captivity. Every day at my job, I passed a board of missing children. My heart went out to them, and I always hurt for their loss. Once a former colleague who’d been a police officer told me of a horrible case where he had located missing kids that were captured and being used in despicable ways by their captors who had enslaved them for years before disposing of them. These sad facts were the makings of The Pack.

It is a two-book series that I truly enjoyed writing. It’s aimed at kids 14yrs and up. It has adventure, twist and romance all in one. The true adventure is the building of trust and true friendship that empowers Shamira to become the champion she was meant to be. The Explorer X series was aimed at kids 12yrs old and up.

3) Describe The Pack in three words

Intensity, Friendship, Trust

4) Can you relate to any character in the book

I actually relate to Shamira. She’s a street smart, tough (something she works hard at maintaining), and loving. I fell in love with her journey of discovery. From a girl who thought fighting alone was enough, to a hero who finds friendships that push her beyond what she’d ever dreamt she’d be able to accomplish.

5) Favorite books all time

The Child Thief, The Color Purple, and The Stand

6) What do you do when you get writer's block?

Lol, funny you should ask that. I wrote an article on it. Truth is, I don’t get writer’s block. This is how I circumvent it. I write a chapter outline and take a month to play the story over in my head over and over again. Then I write through the rough spots (hey, you have to edit it tons of times before you ever submit it).

7) Do you listen to music when you write? If so what?

I don’t listen to music when I write. I watch action flicks with my kids running around me. I love to write in chaotic action.

8) Five things all good books should have (eg faeries, princesses, really expensive schools, hot guys and raining sunday mornings something like that )

Interesting characters, gorgeous boys, drama, and humor.

LM. Preston

YA Science Fiction AUTHOR
Upcoming Releases
EXPLORER X - Alpha (Feb. 2010)
THE Pack (Fall 2010)
Writing stories for and about kids that overcome the impossible...

LM Preston I totally agree with you about the gorgeous boys part ;) * ALL INSPIRATIONAL AUTHORS OUT THERE YOU HEARD IT MAKE SURE YOU PUT HOT GUYS IN YOUR BOOK* Thank- you again for stopping by LM. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

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Badass Bookie xx

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