Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Thirteen Treasures

Another Review guys! Sorry that there has been like so many reviews lately but I have finished so many books that deserve to be reviewed that I have to! So today review is for The Thirteen Treasures by Michelle Harrison. it's a 2010 Debut Author Book so yayyyyyyyy three books down! Anyway, I didn't really like this book. The writing style was very hard to get into. The story was pretty simple and I found that it was way too young for me. I couldn't get into it at all, I read and read and read but i didn't excatley enjoy it. I think this is a middle grade novel that's why but it says teen sooooo I don't know for sure but it was definitely too young for me. The characters were only lightly described so I didn't really get to understand them, no romance *cries* (I'm a sucker for romance), no hoy guys (again every good book has to have a hot guy), hard to get into writing style and the start and ending was of my likings. So I didn't really enjoy this book guys and I would only recommend this book to middle grade people because it was seriously too childish for me D: Rating 2/5

(Which cover do you think looks better??? I got the red one but the other one looks pretty good too...)

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