Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Break Challenge Activity #6 - The Boys 'R' better in Books

This is definitely the best Activity yet!!!! Originally named Heart Throbs, I renamed my post for this activity The Boys 'R' better in Books because it's true! For those of you who don't know I strongly believe that every good book has to have HOT GUYS!!!! Which si why this activity is fantastic! Boys and Books my two favourite things ( yer I'm tad boy crazy but who isn't when you're a teenager!!!!!) Okay, so these are my top picks of guys in books unfortunately I couldn't find one for Tamani fromWings *cries* but he is seriously drool worthy :P

*WARNING* Grab tissues or a towel before going on. Beware of extreme drooling!!!!!

Now I shall display my choice of the hottest guys on the block!

Adrian Ivashkov! Originated from the second book of the Vampire Academy series is the gorge-ous Adrian!!!!! Super sexy, super sweet and my favourite vampire all time!!!! TEAM ADRIAN!!! Tell me how many guys do you know that would give there trustfund to the girl they love to find her ex-boyfriend??? Huh??? I know right totally jaw-droppingly sweet! *drool* ( I not sure I like the picture of Adrian for I thing Gaspard Ulliei (his french and I don't knwo how to spell his last name) would make a better Adrian)

Next we have Jace Wayland from my all-time favourite series Mortal Instruments! Totally funny and sweet not to mention extremely smexy! I can't say anymore than that since the pictue tells is all :P

Jacob Black! Resident teen werewolf heart throb! Bella Swan you should totally ended up with this one! The only thing that beats Jacob Black is Jacob Black with NO SHIRT !!!!

We also have... Damon from the Vampire Diaries *dreaming in la la land* No Comment. Just enjoy the picture....

Stark from House of Night!!! Hottie, Hottie ALRET !!!!! Totally fearless and a hunk of a warrior I with I was in your shoes Zoey!

Last but not least Dimitri from Vampire Academy! Although I TEAM ADRIAN  I couldn't just leave Dimitri out of this! He is totally hot, totally badass ( my guy :P) and totally Russian!!! Packaged Deal :P

So what do you think huh??? I have good taste? yes? no? God, I don't think I can sleep tonight!!!!! Even if I do I'm going to dream about boys and boys and THE BOYS 'R' BETTER IN BOOKS!!!
Badass Bookie xx


  1. I picked Damon too, he sure is dreamy!

  2. I agree 100 percent! I'm also Team Adrian. He's so sweet, and HOT.

    Jace = amazing thats all there is to it.

    LOVED this posted. I'm going to drool over these pictures some more. (Damon = yum)

  3. Ha I picked Damon too :). Great choices x

  4. ooh great picks! I love them all (except Stark) too! :)