Wednesday, December 1, 2010

You Wish

Review Time! NOTE* Not part of the 2011 Debutante Event! Although I am hosting somewhat of a big event during this month it doesn't mean I can get slack and not review anything I read! Publishers don't send you books for nothing! Anyway, I was meant to post this review up yesterday BEFORE the event started but you know me...I was too busy reading VA I forgot okay?

The Short Story ? - One of the funniest ( and weird in a good way) books I have read this year! I admit I have this thing for Barbie references so that's some part of why I loved this book and the other part is the reference to My Little Pony which is almost as good as Barbie but not can't beat Barbie! In short ( literally-haha) I really enjoyed You Wish by Mandy Hubbard!

The Long Story ? - Ever read a book that is just so random that it's impossible not to like it because it's so funnily well, random? If you have, You Wish is one of those books, if you haven't, read You Wish and you will know what I mean.

You Wish is about a girl called Kayla who wishes that every one of her wishes would come true on her sweet sixteenth because they never ever do. The ironic thing is that when all her wishes actually start coming true, Kayla wishes that her wishes never. ever came true. Now if Kayla wishes for one thing on every one of her birthdays can you imagine what a five year old or twelve year old would wish for? Three words - hilarious but typical! And YOU won't know all the wishes until you read the book!

Besides the fact that I had a good laugh while I read this book, I thought the whole idea of all your wishes coming true was a very clever idea! Beautiful writing style, exactly how a teen would write ( or speak), wonderful balance between reality ( high school, drama, boys, best friends, boys) and fiction. Loved the ending of the book and if You Wish is that funny then I can't wait to pick Prada and Prejudice! Rating 4/5

Badass Bookie xx


  1. I enjoyed this one too!It was so cute and perfect if you wanted to read something light.