Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day Eleven ...All About Sara Bennett Wealer ( Rival)

Debutante #6 six today!!! Do you know what that means? Half of the event is already over!!!! You know, I wish had made the event longer I really don't want all this to end! ( I really should start scheduling posts...I pretty unpredictable hey?) ....

Debutante Profile

Name - Sara Bennett Wealer
Debut - Rival ( Click HERE )
Genre - Contemporary Realistic

Website - HERE
Twitter - HERE
Sara grew up in Manhattan, Kansas (the “Little Apple”), where she sang in choir, wrote for the MHS “Mentor,” and had a couple of leads in the high school musical. In college, she majored in voice performance before deciding she had no business trying to make a career as an opera singer. Sara then transferred to journalism school, where nobody cares if you can hit a high C or convincingly portray a Valkyrie. She now live in Cincinnati with her husband, daughters, and more cats than any family reasonably needs. When not writing novels, she write ad copy, live presentations and articles for newspapers and magazines. Sara even helped design theme parks! And when her schedule allows, Sara still likes to sing—most recently you may have heard her in the May Festival Chorus, the official chorus of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Dream Debutante Dress -

Sara's dream dress :)

Author's Own Message ( ie when they talk about themselves :P)

Hi! I’m Sara Bennett Wealer—the debutante in red. I’ve always enjoyed shocking people a bit, plus red matches the cover of my novel, RIVAL, so I’ve chosen a debutante gown that is shamelessly scarlet!

Are you shocked yet? :)

For this event, I’ve been asked to write a bit about myself. What inspires me? Well, this, for one thing.

[Embed video] HERE
Seriously, how can you hear that and not be inspired? If you think it’s wonderful to listen to, imagine how incredible it is to sing!

I grew up singing in choruses like this. My high school had a great music program, filled with talented singers, so I had the privilege of performing incredible repertoire at a very high level. I went on to major in opera performance in college for awhile, and then to sing with symphony choruses before babies and novel writing forced me to put music on hold.

But I couldn’t quit entirely; I wrote a book that is set in a highly competitive high school music department. See, I remember how wonderful it was to sing every day, and I also remember how weird things could get with friends when everybody felt like they were in a pressure cooker, wanting to get into the top choruses, snag the lead in the school musical, earn a top score at contests, etc.

Add layers of stuff that had nothing to do with music—boys, social hierarchies, secrets, envy—and relationships could feel pretty complicated sometimes.

I wanted to try and untangle that a little bit—to show things from both sides and explore how the people we sometimes think are our enemies can end up being our best allies. In the end, are we really fighting the other person, or are we battling something inside ourselves?

Whether you’re a musician, an athlete or in another pursuit that includes having rivals or whether you just like to watch others perform and compete, I hope you’ll enjoy RIVAL. I put a ton of stuff in there that’s not about singing at all—romance, shopping, parties, a big Homecoming dance. And maybe you’ll be inspired to check out some amazing music, too.

Like this!

[Embed video] HERE

Sara, your debutante dress is beautiful! The best part is I think your are the only debutante in red! If I was you I would pick a bold dress too ( you have to stand out :P) I disappointed that I don't get to pick a dress myself! I would totally pick Lady Gaga's meat dress...kidding :) Anyway, thank -you Sara faithful reader, make sure you come back tomorrow for the second part of Sara's feature!

Badass Bookie xx


  1. Other than my compulsive instinct - that there are a lot of spelling mistakes - acting up, I'm in love with this post. :D

    That dress is stunning. You'd also look fabulous in red, because that hair of yours would be the same colour. :) If I could re-think my formal dress, now passed, I would have gone with a shocking red. (I was going to, but never found the right kind of dress)

  2. I put this through spell check!!!! How can it have spelling mistakes? .... are you lying Cass? :P

  3. I love your dress!! It's beautiful :D

  4. OOOH, Rival, I can't wait!!! This one has been on my TBR list for a long time. I love "meeting" the authors a little bit through this event. How did you manage to find all of the cool authors? There hasn't been a bad one yet. Sara, you are cool, and you have excellent taste. Love that dress!!

  5. This dress is gorgeous!!
    Now I really really want to read Rival, like now ^^ This truely is a very good introduction ;)

  6. Hey there! I tried to reply but think it got eaten - sorry if this is a duplicate. Just wanted to say thank you so much for having me. It's an honor to be in the company of so many awesome authors and readers. Happy Holidays, everybody!

  7. I am so looking foreward to this, I feel as if I have grown up a character in the book Rival. I hope Sara's debut will show the reality of rigorous training, the beauty of wonderous music and the passion you must posess to make it through Arts school alive!

    Oh and Sara, check this-

  8. Lisa, on second thought, it's more of a grammar problem. Or a missing-letters problem. But no matter. I forgive you. ;)

  9. I love that dress. Red is my favorite color and that dress is such a deep beautiful maroon. Like Whealer, I went to a performing arts school and was lucky enough to be in a choir that was very focused on music. Can't wait to read this novel!

  10. From opera to writing, that's a big jump! I suppose its still in the same creative, artsy category though. :)

  11. This is probably my favorite dress so far. Stunning.

  12. Book with amazing music inside sounds cool

    And about the dress, nice colour

  13. That's so interesting she wanted to be an opera singer but then switched to writing novels. Love the red dress choice!

  14. this is my favorite dress of them all.

  15. I love, love Sara's dream dress! Now, where can I get it from?

  16. I love the dress too. I think book deals should come with dresses like these. Seriously. Especially for those of us who took like a f***ing decade to get here, right?

    *makes note to call publisher and demand debutante dress.*

    **in her dreams**

    love this series. And HOW GOOD do all these books sound? :D

  17. I'm more than a little bit in love with that dress--it's distracting me from whatever else I was going to say :)

  18. I love your dress!! It's beautiful and its a perfect color :)

  19. I think there is nothing wrong with red, its my favorite color so hence this is my favorite dress so far.