Thursday, December 9, 2010


Review Time! Not part of Debs Event ( I think you guys get the Review Time! part now) I'm actually pretty impressed with how my 'take now as many debuts as possible' challenge, I have already read three this month soooo that's like 3 days = one book!!!! Anyway ....

The Short Story? - Another fantastic debut! Andrea Cremer is a wonderful writer of the paranormal fiction! Fast-paced, unpredictable ( literally) and beautifully written! Not to mention home of a beautiful cover! Credits go to Ren ( love you! Team Ren! ) who stole my heart!

The Long Story? -  When I first picked up the book I looked at the size and thought ' this is going to that me forever to read' with a total of 451 pages it is possibly the longest debut I have read this year, however it is also the one that held my attention the whole way through and made me want to flick the pages faster and faster because I was so caught in midst of the action and heated protectiveness and romance portrayed beautifully by Andrea Cremer!

The much used love triangle seemed like an entirely different case in Nightshade, not only did it break the laws of using cliches it took it to the next level and puts readers in shock about the unexpected twists and turns in the series of events. Fast- paced and exciting, the book threatened to leave me behind with the pace it set in which action and romance alternated one after another.

The emotion rang out strong throughout this debut, Andrea, you are a wonderful story-teller. Whenever, I read this book in public I received strange looks. I would laugh out loud, shut the book in frustration, cry in the part when "guy #1" got rejected  ( spoiler -free reviews here, you're just going to have to read this 'awesome' book :P)

Overall , it was one of my favourite debuts of 2010, Andrea Cremer is a wonderful author who has that ability of putting readers at ease even when we are reading about supernatural showdowns and territorial romances. it shows no resemblence to our everyday lives ( besides love, awwwww) but it still has that something that makes it seem normal. Beautiful, romantic, dark and brilliant! Rating -4.5/5

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  1. Great review, Lisa! I've yet to read this, but I'm very excited. Thanks for your awesome thoughts, I love books with emotion.

  2. Great review! I LOVED this one. It was one of my most highly anticipated reads of the year! Can't wait for Wolfsbane!

  3. I loved it too! One of my favs of 2010. Can't wait for book #2!

  4. I can't wait to read it! It will come out in january in France!!

  5. I really enjoyed the love triangle in the story, though I can't decide which team I am!

    You can read my review of the book HERE.

  6. Hi I'm a new follower.

    I really enjoyed reading your review, Lisa. I totally loved this book, though it bugs the heck out of me that they left it at a cliff-hanger. Can't wait until Wolfsbane comes out. :)

    Please feel free to read my review of Nightshade on my blog at: