Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day Twelve - All About Rival + Giveaway

Book Profile

Name - Rival ( Goodreads )
Author - Sara Bennett Wealer ( Profile )
Release Date - 15th February 2011
Genre - Contemporary Realistic
RIVAL is a high-stakes duet between two between two high school seniors--once friends, now enemies--who are preparing to go up against each other in a major singing competition. To Brooke, winning means escaping the in-crowd for life as a professional musician. Kathryn, meanwhile, sees victory as the key to a much-needed college scholarship. As the big day nears, each girl must face her fears about the future, her scars from the past, and the fact that the person she hates most might just be the best friend she ever had.

Author Insight on Rival

You can find out how to pre-order RIVAL HERE

And here’s a wonderful review of the book—my first on GoodReads! [link HERE ] It’s from Princess Bookie, and here’s a snippet:

“I loved the different perspectives from each girl. And how both girls made me feel as though I was experiencing life in their shoes. The flashbacks were awesome. It told the story perfectly. The plot of best friends who realized the truth and were left to deal with the aftermath of what went down was remarkable. Rival had an enjoyable voice and left me wanting to read more from Wealer. Since it wasn't a book purely based on romance, it had just the right sparkle of romance dabbled into it.

Overall: Really enjoyed it. One you should definitely read this year.”

Finally, Lisa’s asked for a little more insight into the characters in RIVAL. Well, take a look at the video below. I didn’t create it, I stumbled upon it on YouTube and like to think that, if Brooke and Kathryn ever reunited, they’d perform a piece like this. It’s the “Flower Duet” from Lakme—a perfect blending of high and low voices, and I love how these two young singers present it with grace and confidence. This, to me, is the better side of rivalry—the better side of Brooke and Kathryn.

[Embed video] HERE

Giveaway Time!!!

Sara has kindly offered ONE (1) Pre-order of Rival. Unfortunately this giveaway won't be international BUT we can't have it all can we? ( except for all you lucky things living in the US of the A :P)

Official Rules - will be disqualified if you don't follow exactly ( not even kidding guys, I'm fed up already with people who can't follow instructions)

- Must leave all links that are required ( will be disqualified if you don't)
- Must Fill out this FORM
- Extra Entries are optional ( although they are nice :P

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  1. That is an amazing video :)

    This book sounds excellent, and I have to get my hands on it one way or another!

  2. I've been really wanting to read this. I was in chorus my entire high school career and love the idea of a chorus themed novel. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Hi, my form did not have a "links" box like it usually does....Maybe its because I'm stuck here at work and using Firefox??? I don't know, but I follow under Karmagrrl and my blog is going to be on this comment, which I did not give myself credit for BTW.

  4. This story sounds pretty wonderful! I like the premise because music can play such a crucial role in our lives.

    I had the same problem as Kristie, my 'links' box is missing. I'm sorry, but I hope you'll still enter me in the fabulous giveaway!
    Username: @lex

  5. I can't wait to read this book! I am enrolled in the Contemps Challenge, and this book is on my to-read list.

    Here are my links:

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    twitter name: @mrsderaps


  6. ahhhh Sorry guys! I dunno where my links box went!!!! However, it's fixed now and dont worry you're all still entered in the since it's not your fault!

  7. Lisa & Sara, you probably already know how much I am looking forward to this release. :P I kind of wish Sara added some more "insight" into this post, but that's cool. I'll always comment on a post featuring her or her book. Until it releases and I end up hating it. ROFL. My jokes are never funny...

  8. This is a very pretty cover. Story sounds intriguing.

  9. The book sounds interesting. I love the singing competition part, very unique!

  10. Sara's book sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for including Canada in the giveaway :)

  11. I've never been able to sing but I did things with the theatre/music department so this book really does sound interesting to me--can't wait for its release

  12. i would to read this book thanks for the giveaways