Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Sacrifice

Review Time! Last Sacrifice marks the last chapter for Rose's adventures and well, I get a little teary just thinking about it since Vampire Academy is one of the best series' I have ever read. The good news is that there will be a spin-off series called Bloodlines, I personally feel like I'm going to hate it already because it's not the same character as (VA ) BUT then again maybe it's better ...

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The Short Story ? - This review is so hard for me to write, I've been sitting here for ten minute I still haven't got a thing! To put it simply Last Sacrifice was fantastic, it was emotional, romantic, unpredictable, original, comfortable to read, it was everything a good book needed to be. Beautifully written and expressive, it was a great ending to the series!

The Long Story ? - The great thing about Richelle's writing is that when  read her books ( we're focusing on VA) I don't hear myself reading the book, I hear Rose's voice and Dimitri's voice and Adrian's voice and it's simply not you reading, you're just the audience watching the story unfold.

This ability to write so beautifully in first person is rare even among so many talented authors, most people say that it's when you feel like you are the character that you know you are reading a great book, I disagree. For me, it's when the character's come to life that I feel like I reading a good book. When I read Last Sacrifice, the characters came to life. Rose, Adrian and Dimitri were real people not just a few descriptive words on piece of paper. When you feel like the characters are real, that's when you know that you are reading a good book.

What else made Last Sacrifice special? Emotions. Pure emotions throughout the book. I almost never EVER cry and I cried in this book ( okay this whole series) BUT probably not for the same reasons as most of you ( I mean you guys probably cried for Dimitri right? I didn't. ) They are plenty of book that are full of emotions, but can they make me cry, or close the book in frustration? *SPOILER*When Rose broke Adrian's heart I felt she broke my heart too ( I'm still crying in the inside for him, Adrian...) I knew exactly how Adrian felt even if I have never really been heart-brokened. I felt angry at Rose, I thought she was selfish, only caring about what she wanted . As soon as Dimitri came back to her, she gave Adrian the flick, no offense but that's just so so so cruel. Adrian really cared ( loved) her and she just never really loved him back. I still a little disappointed at Rose actually. *SPOILER*

Overall, Last Sacrifice still ranks very high up on my favourite books, it was everything a good book should be. It was the last book in a series and it left no questions unanswered that were haunting us ( well me) since the cliff-hanger in Spirit Bound. However, if I had to compare Last Sacrifice to the other book in the series, it definitely wasn't my favourite. *SPOILER* I not a big fan of love triangles in general ( someone is always heart-brokened which I think in fiction shouldn't be the case since we get so much of that in reality) but the way Rose just killed Adrian ( not literally) was just too much for me ( Team Adrian here, if you are Team Dimitri this is a happy ending for you). The ending was all about Dimitri and Rose! After Rose flicked Adrian off , he disappeared not mentioned at all so not really happy ending for everyone right? *SPOILER*

However, If you havent' read the book you should still read it or even the series because unfortunately for everyone who is reading this review, your reviewer ( Badass) is part of the minority who isn't TEAM DIMITRI so therefore wasn't too pleased with the outcome of the book and since I still loved it I don't think anyone wouldn't like it :) Rating 4/5 ( One Word - Adrian )

Thought about Bloodlines -
Richelle has said in a recent interview that Sydney would be character in Bloodlines so that's a given. I also think Adrian and Jill might be part of the spin off series due to the 'ending' . However, I really hope Adrian doesn't get together with Jill OR Sydney ...that just won't do ;P

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  1. Ahhh! Love the review! Vampire Academy is one of my absolutely FAVOURITE series. Second only to Harry Potter. I completely agree with what you've said, these books are amazing. I too felt my heart break for Adrian at the end *sobs*. I'm Team Adrian, but I always wanted Rose/Dimitri to end up together in the end. If that makes sense. I wanted Rose to have a happy ending with Dimka... and Adrian? MINE, MINE, MINE! :D

    We will have to tend to his poor fragile heart as we wait for Bloodlines to be released. Which I'm really hoping/thinking he's a main character in. In the article from Entertainment Weekly, it said Sydney was the narrator, Jill a main character and the main guy is one of the love interests from VA. So unless Richelle means a minor love interest... psh, it's totally Adrian *heart rejoices*!

  2. *panics* OMG OMG OMG OMG please don't let Jill get together with Adrian that's like so wrong! Oh please please please let Jill get together with some other guy OMG OMG OMG NOOOOOOOOO Adrian don't do it!

  3. TEAM ADRIAN! YAY! Oh, I was so tempted to take half a star for the Adrian hurt in my review. I didn't. I love Adrian so much! I understand what you meant about how you felt like your heart was breaking right along with Adrian!

    I like Rose & Dimitri together, if only it was a real story, cause I would hunt down Adrian and show him so so so so much love!

  4. Wow! I love this post. I have been blogging about it(not as beautiful as you have though). I'm new at this blogging stuff but will eventually get the hang of it. To me it felt like I could really feel Adrian's heart break, like mine was in sync with his the moment it happened. I love books that pull you in and The Vampire Academy pulled me in straight away.

  5. I got my copy yesterday, am yet to read it, so I had to skim over your post and avert my eyes! I was a bit pissed off at the end of... Not Spirit Bound, but the one before it even though I love the series. I'm still way behind though, Spirit Bound is still on my TBR shelf!

    Anyway, skimming your review has got me so curious I know what I'm reading next!