Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Living Dead Girl

Hola! How's everyone feeling??? My school had a excursion today ( aka 4km walk in a forest ) and I literally can't feel my hands and feet buy because I love you all so much I have thawed my frozen fingers and I'm reviewing Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott! Now do you guys remember that review I wrote about Wintergirls by Laurie Anderson a few weeks ago? Well this was another one of those 'I didn't expect it to be like what it is' type of a book. However the thing with this one is that I actually liked it.

Okay, so I don't like reading about depressing emo, anorexic, abused, bullied etc etc. kids and I picked up Living Dead Girl thinking it might be about you know, ghosts or something but it turned out to be about a Abducted Girl who is abused. So my first reaction was 'oh, ew I don't want to read this' but then I read it anyway because that's what you do with a book and becuase it's actually pretty short. I read about five pages in and I was hooked. THIS. IS. A. VERY. CREEPY. BOOK. Like although most of us would never get abducted and than abused I felt so connected to the character "Alice". I wanted to help her but I couldn't it was a really sad story. Fantastic Plot, Great Character, Nice and Easy Reading Style and guys make sure you read this one it was really touching. Rating 3.75/5

Badass Bookie xx


  1. Good for you sticking out the chilly walk -- here in the US, New England, it is sort of summer (hot, cold, hot, cold) but I know what frozen hands and feet are like because here and where I grew up it can get wicked cold. And, kudos for sticking out a book you didn't want to read when you realized it was an icky and hard subject. That is more than I do much of the time. Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

  2. I want to read this now. I mean, I don't like reading depressing books much (I get too involved, I think) but every once and awhile, I think it's good to read things that push my boundaries. And I don't know what it is about me, but when I read 'creepy' about a book, I instantly want to read it. Weird, right?