Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Break Reading Challenge (Activity #2)

Hello my fellow BookLovers!  It's like elevenish pm right now and my feet hurt like hell (never wear converse without socks when you're going shopping with your mum).Anyhow, back to topic a few days ago I posted a post about the Summer Break Challenge hosted by Karin @ Karin's Book Nook ? Remember? Anyway, fantastic challenge if you're not already participating go on now and do it! So that post was the first Activity which was list your goals and today's post is the second Activity. Which is....*drum roll* Wordle about your fave book/s!!!!!

So I have never used Wordle so maybe mine is abit plain. Anyway I chose my favourite Faerie serie ( yes, I categorise my favourites hehe) which are Wings & Spells by Aprilynne Pike. Very cute series and I absolutely HEART Tamani (I going to marry him so DIBS!) I going to write him sonnets and poems and so that 'he loves me he loves not thing'!!!! Okay, back to it I chose Autumny colours to match with the fact that Laurel is a FAll Faerie. I neamed this wordle....Wings that take you to Avalon...(don't laugh I know it's corny).

NOTE- The HTMLcode didn't work and I couldn't find a way to save the picture so my only option was to take a photo of the screen and post it on. FORGIVE ME MY AMIGOS BUT DESPERATE TIMES COMES WITH DESPERATE WAYS!!!!!! I will go back and somehow save the photo so yer tomorrow :P

here's a link though - Wordle

I got a picture :P

Sweet Dreams!
Badass Bookie xx


  1. I love how you snapped a pic of your screen and used it for your post. Uber creative! And, yours turned out beautifully--you can really see how fun and magical this series is!

  2. That was a fun challenge I like the way yours came out!

  3. That looks really nice!

  4. I think taking the picture worked out great. I loved WINGS and have SPELLS on my summer reading list. I hope I get to it. I think your Wordle is great. It isn't plain at all, just very easy to read.

  5. I have heard such great things about Wings and your Wordle came out great

  6. This is very pretty and I think the color scheme goes great with the kind of book your wordle is for. Great job!