Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bloggiesta Coming Up !

Hi all! Just wanted to give a heads up on the bloggiesta coming up on the 11th, 12th and 13th of June. Thw is hosted by Maw Books Basically from what I have read it is like spring cleaning for blogs and well you might have noticed that I have recently improved and re-constructed my blog BUT there is just soooo much to do. Some of the things on my list include-

  • Check my Twitter, Goodreads, Library Thing account and *update*
  • Check out the blogs of all my followers or even if you just want me to check it out! ( who I am very grateful for ) NOTE - if you could leave a link in the comments it might make my life easier
  • Write up back up reviews and posts for those rainy, boring days
  • Enter some of those giveawys that I have been meaning too
  • Reply to some emails
  • Update my Reading Log and Challenge page
  • Read some mor BEA posts ( I adore them)
  • Think of ways to improve blog!
Now, guys this is where you come in. I need your help to make my blog better. Any feedback would be much appreciated even if it is critical ( I promise I won't cry) ALSO - Holidays are coming up next next week sooo I will be able to read lots and lots of books :) If their is a review of a book that you want to see PLEASE leave a comment of what book. I will try the get the book and review it for you. Also if their is a meme that you would like to see on the Badass Bookie tell me too! I will do whateva I can to impove this blog :)

Badass Bookie xx


  1. Cool - sounds like you will be busy. I think your blog looks super-cute already. Only one thing I would change - The team Peeta ;) I'm Gale all the way :)

    Can't wait for Mockingjay.

  2. Thanks for posting about the Bloggiesta. Can't wait to see what you accomplish this weekend.