Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Madness ( Free Reads & Updates)

Hey Guys! It's Monday and my thoughts are all jumbled up so if this post doesn't make sense you know why. It is THE LAST WEEK OF TERM TWO !!!!!! I'm on holidays next week ( whoop whoop now everyone say YAYYYYYY hehe) Anyway, I don't have a review ready or anything else so I decided to post about some Free Reads I found online (legal, very important guys, illegal downloading is well illegal) and some updates from my bloggiestra!!!

Okay Free Reads First! For a limited time you can read THE POISON DIARIES by Maryrose Wood for free on Harperteen Browse inside. I'm not sure how long it's going to stay up there for you to read but the best about ti is that it's not even released yet! THE POISON DIARIES will hit the stores on 7/20/10 so head over to HERE to check it out!

Also, Stephenie Meyer has sent all of us that are Twilight Fans a special gift! You canread the 178 pages of The Short Second Life Bree Tanner HERE for limited time! It is for free however it would be nice if you could donate some money for the money does go to Charity!

Well that's all the Free Reads I could find right now but I will post more up if I find any :P

Now for the second part, my Bloggiestra Update-
So far I have managed to....
  1. Update My Twitter, Goodreads, Library Thing and Random Buzzers account
  2. Go check out my followers blogs and hopped to some others
  3. Check out blogs that I'm following
  4. Write up some back up posts for those days where your fingers are too numb to write
  5. Check my email
  6. Link some review to the Speculative Fiction challenge hosted by Book Chick City
That's pretty much it! I just tidied up my blog a few weeks ago so there wasn't much to do but I have done what I needed to do!

Happy Reading!
Badass Bookie xx

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  1. Just dropping a comment to say that I'm really liking your blog!! Found it recently and will be returning.