Thursday, June 24, 2010

Potential NEW BLOG FEATURE - Trial Run

Hola Amigos! As you can read I am running an trial of a new blog feature today. Since I'm on holidays I have been busy racking through my brain to find new ideas for my blog! So far I have come up with an idea for a Blog meme (potential, maybe, could be epic fail), several blog feature ideas and a whole bunch of books I want to review so I decided to put something in action today. *Clears Throat* Introducing for the very first time ...Writers Block! and no it's not a help group for troubled would be writers (that's another good ideathough...)

Now to explain this feature, it is like a ehhhh game. Basically it's like gathering together and writing a story of some thought. So I would start the story by writing two sentences or something like that and than a commenter (aka you) would continue it on from there and so on.

ME- It was a hot summer's night. Lucy glanced out at the ocean.
Commenter #1 - She was deep in thought when suddenly batman appeared
Commenter #2 - he swooped her of her feet and carried her into the night

Something like that BUT obviously longer. Rules for this game/feature are-
1) No killing off charcters
2) Only write appropriate things so no batmans or spidermans or paris hiltons
3) Please don't end the story ( like don't write and they lived happily ever after
4) You part in the story has to be at least a few sentences to a short paragraph lengh but no more than that
5) You can't post continuous parts of the story their has to be someone else's 'part' in between. (so you can post more than one part

So yup that's the Potential NEW BLOG FEATURE. Writer's Block would go for a period of five days, so you have five days to contribute to the story. No more contributes after five days for on the sixth day the 'finished story' will be posted up. NOTE- I will finish the story if it doesn't quite make sense. On the seventh day there will be brand new Writer's Block!


Okay, I will start now *deep breath, crossing finger, praying to god*

Story Untitled YET.

There he stood across the room. Even from the entrance I could see that he was looking at me. (YOUR TURN!)

Badass Bookie xx


  1. I dipped my head in embarassment and turned my back. I then sneaked a glance over my right shoulder to see if he was still watching.

  2. His piercing blue eyes seem to see right through me. The hairs on the back of my neck began to rise as he mouth turned into a half smile.

  3. I looked away and asked my sister, Anna, "Is he still looking?" She nodded.

  4. I take a deep breathe and ask my sister,"how does my lipgloss look"

  5. Satisfied that I looked okay, I turned back to the man that captured my attention. I took a deep breath and made my way through the crowd psyching myself up on the way. I didn't have any idea what i was going to say when I actually stood in front of him, but I was sick of standing on the sidelines and watching other people have all the fun.

    My stomach tickled like I was plummeting down a steep roller coaster. I kept my eyes on the man as I weaved my way through the people on the dance floor. His lazy smile hadn't changed, but his eyes had. The only word to describe what I saw in them was hunger. My stomach tingled even more. When I finally stood in front of him and looked at his face I was shocked to see his eyes change. No longer was I looking at the startling blue like before - now they were swirled with the strangest color of, you probably won't believe it, but, red.

  6. My body wanted to turn away but I couldn't look away from him, I was hypnotized. If he'd asked me to jump on one foot I would, I couldn't move! Anna most have saw me just standing there like a dork, Anna says "Lexy, can you come with me to the bathroom?" I blinked as if in a trance, I looked at anne then back to the man in front of me. I asked" weren't your eyes red?"

  7. His mouth turned into a cruel, heartless smile. Widening his eyes as if to mock me he asked " Red? Are you sure you're feeling alright. Perhaps you have had too much to drink." He stepped forward closing the gap between us. Every inch of body screamed for me to move away from him, but I just couldn't turn away my vision blurred and my world focused on this mysterious stranger. He reached forward and took my hand. Cold, his hand waas so, so cold. " Here, let me take you outside for a while. You seem a little dizzy, must be all the heat in here."

    He led me through all the party goers weaving in and out. I couldn't control my body, it felt as if my brain and my body were detached. HE pushed open the mergency exit of the werehouse and led me out into the carpark. I stumbled after him as his long legs were no match for my much shorter ones. He led me into the shadow of streetlight and stopped. Turning his face back to mine I could see that his eys were red again. A startled gasp fought it's way out of me and than my world went pitch black.

  8. When I woke up, it took me a while to open my eyes because my head felt as if it were going to explode. When I finally opened my eyes, the felt heavy as if they wanted to shut again, but I forced them open. I took in the bedroom I was in, I was laying in a King size bed, underneath me I could feel the lavish sheets beneath my hands, I looked up at the high ceiling, to my left there were heavy drapes over the window, I saw that the room was gently lit with candles. Beside the bed was a glass of water reminding me that I was thirsty. I tried to reach for the glass but my body did not feel like my own, I felt like I was just getting over the flu. I lay in the bed thinking to myself where am I?

    I turned to my side to try and reach for the glass of water again, but the hairs on the back of my neck raised as if someone was watching me, as I glance behind me, I see him and then it all came back to me... I was attacked by a vampire!

  9. Holding back the scream that crawled it's way u my throat. I lifted my eyes to meet his. Don't show your enemy you're scared, I repeated to myself over and over again in my head. His eyes were a piercing blue again, the colour of a clear sky. I sized him up, as I mentally calculated my chances of escaping. Not good. By his controlled behaviour I could tell he was at least eighteen going on a hundred.

    Raking through me brain I tried to remember what Mrs. Wilson had said the other day in Defence Against the Dead ( also known as D.A.D classes) I forced myself to think past Nash Hinton's cute head and focus on the diagram she drew on the board. Something about creating a diversion and than escaping.

    Looking around for anything remotely dangerous, I only found disappointment. My eyes landed back on the glass of water. The glass! Reaching forward I grabbed the glass, drank the water (no reason to waste good water, besides I was thirsty) I smashed the glass on the headboard, picked up the biggest piece and hurled with all my might at the vampire/hot boy. A blood-curdling scream pierced through the silent room but I did not take any notice for I was already running out the room and down stairs. Pushing open the door I ran into the night.