Saturday, October 9, 2010

YA Blogger's Book Shelf #1 - The Story Siren (!!!)

Hey Guys, I haven't posted in a while with all the rush of first week back from holidays but I back! AND I'm introducing a new feature! Ladies & Gents I present you with ... The YA Blogger's Book Shelf. You may have noticed a few of these roaming around ( All About {N}, Book Chick City etc.) but I have decided to start that focuses JUST on YA blogger's because well we are just as important!

YA Blogger's Book Shelf is basically a virtual tour of a YA Blogggers Book Shelf so simple. Inspired by Carolyn @ Book Chick City and credits go to all the other bloggers that have done this feature with different names and featuring different people!

This is a POTENTIAL NEW FEATURE so this is just a trial run, judging on the amounts of comments THIS WEEK, I will think about continuing it or not. Now, this week I'm featuring .... Kristi @ The Story Siren ( Um, unless you live with limited internet access I think you would know who she is...the Mother of all YA Blogging???) Anyway, this is EXTRA cool because Kristi has just revamped her office and reorganised her shelves so you get the newly improved tour!!! Anyway I will get to the point....


This is my brand new bookshelf! I used to have to store my book in plastic storage containers in my closets and I don't have much closet storage as it is.... so alas I talked my husband in to building me a new bookcase! This took us two days to complete... I had to paint all those boards! It holds my entire collection, plus some of my ARCs that I have for review. Luckily I did have some space left for my collection to grow.

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 My spine bookcase is what holds most of my ARCs that I have for review... although it's full and I've had to put the overflow onto my other bookcase. It's quite embarrassing how many books I have for review. Although in my defense some of those are from BEA and 85% of them are unsolicited. 

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And then... because I didn't want to overflow my huge bookcase, I kept one of my old ones and stuck it in my office closet. It just has my ARC collection on it. Most of them are signed ARCs I've gotten or ones I've just kept because of some sentiment.

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But those are my bookcases!

Thanks Kristi! I still waiting for the day I can have a wall of bookshelves! I love the blue wall !!!! So guys, put your hand up if you're jealous? *puts my hand up* I wish I had all those book!!!! So who wants more of these features? leave comments!

Badass Bookie xx


  1. I LOVE the new bookcases...I hope to talk my husband into building something like that for me. I'm hoping that the piles and piles of books all around the house are a hint. Maybe he's ot getting it though, because he hasn't built me a bookcase in about 6 years. Hm.

    Cool new feature!

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for the bookcase photos, Kristi! :D

    I really like this new feature. It's kind of like another weekly feature at another blog (who I will not name ;)). Show us your bookcase next week, yeah? I have a question for Kristi.

    How do you get to the top books? Do you have a ladder or something, or a hook? XD

  3. There is nothing quite like new bookshelves that actually have room for more books. I love the look and just wish I had more walls at my house. All of mine already have bookshelves.

  4. By the way, just in case you didn't know... we both won stuff over at Read My Mind :)

    Feel free to send me Hex Hall or Suite Scarlett. :)) You can keep Radiant Shadows. I haven't even started reading Wicked Lovely!

  5. I love your wall color, and I love the 3 rainbow sorted shelves. This is a fun feature.

  6. All of the books I read and review go into my classroom library. I wish I had that much space for all of mine :)

  7. Ah, this is very cool! I like this feature a lot. I'm a super nosey person and I love looking at other people's books, so this is great. Great idea :)

    Love your bookshelf, Kristi! When I get settled in more permanently, I'm going to persuade my boyfriend to build me a shelf like that :)

  8. I wish I had a bookshelf that big, it's so pretty especially where Kirsty has lined up the coloured books together. If only I had that many books to line up like that!

    I'm still waiting for my new bookshelf to arrive it's been like 6 weeks, I guess that's what happens when you have to get one measured to order. Here's hoping for this week.

    Lisa this is a great feature you should keep it up I'll definitely be coming back next week to check whose bookshelf you feature next week!

  9. Kristi-- I am suffering from major book envy!
    This is a cool feature and I would be interested in seeing it continue.
    Visiting from Saturday Situation!
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  10. *raises hand* LOVE the wall of bookshelves! I saw sneak peeks on IMM but it's awesome to see the full effect! Very cool shelves, indeed.

    Visiting from Saturday Situation, thanks for linking!