Sunday, October 10, 2010

Princess for Hire

Review Time! I finished this book last Monday but because I wanted a full week of post I put of the review until today :P and since I'm technically asleep right now it's scheduled. You will find alot of my posts this week scheduled because I'm in school all week so deal with me please :P

The Short Story ? - 2010 Debut, very 'pink' and cute novel in a different way to The Summer I Turned Pretty, this one is cute because it's actually written for a younger age group I think, like romance in it is like a sixth grade romance ( Kiss, giggle, omg do you like me? I dump you after two days...yer that kind)

See what I mean bu really pink? I got the first cover! Which makes it even more kidlike!

The Long Story? - Like I said, this one was just a tad too childish for me BUT I liked it! It's been a long time since I have read a book that always ends with a happy ending and it so predictable!I remember when I was younger I use to read princess novels or fairy novels that always, ALWAYS end with a happily ever after. Oh, and the baddies are really bad! This is one of those novels and I enjoyed but I think I would have enjoyed more if I read it a few years ago maybe? Just a tad too young for me :) Great plot, cute characters ( not cute as in cute cute but as in kid like cute), the start was abit long, great ending and comfortable writing style once you get used to it. Even if it is a bit young I think I'm going to pick up the second book just because I want to relive the good old days! I recommend this to anyone who hasn't hit puberty yet I mean anyone who likes cute reads and who are in between the tween and teen stage or if you are forever right or something! Oh! and if you loveeeee pink!  Rating - 3/5

Badass Bookie xx

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  1. Oh, so this is for younger people? I didn't quite catch that. :P Hmm...well, this one never appealed to me quite that much, since it's so pink and I'm not much of a pink person.