Monday, October 25, 2010

Cliches that have been used too many times....

Hey Guys!!! I decided to do a post about some cliches that have been used just one too many times in one too many books. Ever read a book that was just way too predictable that you feel as if it wasn't worth reading at all? Or read a book that was pretty much the same some book you read three weeks before that?
Lets take a moment and brainstorm some cliches that have been used too many times.

The Loser Chick and the Popular, good- looking Guy - Um, I pretty sure 90% of heroines are portrayed as the loser chick with next to no friend and then BAM! next thing you know there is the making of a happily ever after with the popular good- looking quarterback. I don't mind this cliche but seriously? Used wayyyy too many times.

The Typical Love -Triangle - The two good-looking guys both trying to win the heart of one girl. Guy #1 gets the girl and they live happily every after, while guy #2 is broken hearted and pushed some other chick who is introduced at the last moment. No offense but love triangles make my head hurt, I, for one, want the girl to end up with Guy #2 99% of the time ( excluding Jace and Clary) but being the typical love triangle it never happens.

The Supernatural and the Human - The vampire and human, the werewolf and human etc. etc. Sounds familiar? What I don't get is why the supernatural is always destined to be with the human!I mean that's so cliche! Why don't we get any vampire lovers or were lovers? It's always the Supernatural and the Human.

The Best Friend and the Boyfriend - Main chick has a beautiful best friend who is dating the boy of her dreams. As the book progresses, main chick and boyfriend fall in love. Rings any bells? In reality the chance of that happening is minimal but I guess that's why we call it fiction...

The Good - looking Guy - Ha! I have nothing against this one! BUT EVERY BOOK I HAVE EVER READ OR HEARD OF HAS A GOOD-LOOKING MAIN DUDE!  The ugly truth ladies is that in the reality only about 30% of the men in the world can really be classified as good-looking ( I know I'm devastated too). However, if you escape into the world of literature you are guaranteed a hottie!

That's probably some the most used cliches out there, I have to say I never get sick of cliches, I actually really like them but sometimes we just need some fresh meat on the block....


  1. /applaud. I agree that these are completely overdone. It's unfortunate that these are also the most popular themes as chosen by the readers. Makes me sad there isn't more diversity.

    I think a mash-up would be humorous though. The best friend who like the boyfriend who happens to be a werewolf who is gorgeous in human form but loves the loser chick because she is a half-vampire. On second thought best seller, here I come. :)

  2. You are so right! I want to really like some books, but the "I've read this plot before-a lot" keeps getting in the way. And I can't stand books where the "loser chick" gets the hot guy-how? I get the whole opposite attracts thing, but I think that's stretching it a little too much. I prefer to read about kick ass heroines that give the hot guy hell and make him chase and win her. It makes a better storyline.

  3. Even though these cliches are used over & over again.. I still enjoy reading about them! I dunno what it is. I guess when an author can make that one character just a bit different, it gives a new edge to the same old story. I can never get enough! hehe It's why I love YA so much :-)

  4. Well, I've always been of the idea that there is just so many stuff under the sun, so I don't mind the repeat of general plots as long as the author brings something else to the story that makes them unique. But yeah, I have gotten that sensation lately that I've something before even though I haven't. Not a nice case of Deja Vu.

  5. Nice post! I totally agree. Those love triangles infuriate me to NO end! Especially when the main guy is hot and the other guy isn't as hot, or as perfect, and the girl is sooo stupid, weak, spineless and all those good qualities that she goes against all logical thinking and chooses the "stud". Because she "loves him". ==;;

    I'd better watch out for these cliches when writing my novel. :/ (NaNoWriMo: you in?)

  6. Very badass post, Lisa! I'd have to add the "girl + her best guy friend" one. Girl has been secretly crushing on her best guy friend her entire life, as they've known each other since kids. Best friend then gets a (bitchy) girlfriend, girl gets totally jealous, and then guy realises that the one he's been looking for all along has been right by his side. Aww... -.- Cute but overdone.