Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Splendor Falls

Review Time! Ladies and Gent, I think I deserve a clap...after putting this book off for at least a month and abit I have finally maned up and finished it!!! Yes, I put my big girl panties on and finished what could have been the longest book I have ever read! * throws confetti, dance around the fire, celebrate Christmas early*

The Short Story? - What could have been the longest and most boring book I have ever read. Girls like me don't put off a book for that long unless there is a reason. However, the ending was pretty good to that softens the blow.

The Long Story? - FACT : For the first time ever, I feel asleep reading a book IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, OPINION : Possibly the longest and most boring book I have read. Now, get this The Splendor Falls is about 510 pages long and NOTHING happened for about 350 pages, I read and read and read some more and than abit more before putting down the book. It was just that bo-ring. You know, this reminds of those 1800's novels where they will spend four pages describing how the sun rose. The difference between 19th and 21st century is that those people had PLENTY of time to read on and on and on, while now I have to squeeze reading between school, having a life and extra curriculum so in my opinion it was just tooooo long. However, the ending was pretty good, I actually liked the last 150 pages so don't judge it too harshly guys even if I do. I just think that good book should only be around 260-300 pages :P Short and to the point! The writing style was comfortable to read but because it was so long I couldn't really enjoy it. Overall, too long but good ending so Rating - 2.5/5

Badass Bookie xx

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