Monday, December 24, 2012

Day Twenty-Four - All About Debra Driza ( MILA 2.0)

Debutante Profile

Name – Debra Driza
Debut - MILA 2.0
Genre – Sci-Fi Thriller
Website– HERE 
Blog -  HERE
Twitter - HERE

Debra Driza is a member of the YA lit blogging group the Bookanistas and a former physical therapist who finds torturing her characters infinitely more enjoyable. She’s particularly fond of sweets, all that is random, and teen TV, and is pretty sure she wasn’t built in a computer science lab based on her inability to find her keys and master the common calender. These days you can find her at her (messy) home in California, wrangling one husband, two kids, and an assortment of Rhodesian Ridgebacks (all of which are varying degrees of naughty). MILA 2.0 is her first novel.

Dream Debutante Dress - I LIKE! Steampunk inspired dresses are SO FETCH! 

Notes from a YA Debutante

I’m so excited to be a part of the Debutante Ball, woot! I love this dress because it’s feminine and tough at the same time—especially when paired with combat boots!

I’m not totally sure these will be interesting facts so much as random facts--my mind sort of flits around sometimes (not very shocking to those who know me in person or follow me on Twitter).

1. I am prone to random outbursts of singing and dancing in public, neither of which I do very well. Also, I am a virtual encyclopedia of bad 80’s lyrics. Combine the two and you get special occasions like me serenading innocent bystanders (and Veronica Roth) with Wham! Rap during SCBWI (special thanks to Stephanie Kuehn for the backup.)

2. Speaking of SCBWI-- I may have spent part of my first trip there looking up dirty words on and torturing my roommates.

3. HA! Is my favorite sleepover game, one that I try to make all of my roommates play anytime I go to a conference (why am I getting this feeling that finding roommates will soon be a challenge?)

4. If you’re at a book event and hear “Caw-CAW!” it’s about 1000x more likely that it’s me than a rabid cockatoo flying through the hotel. And if you see some crazy blond girl performing The Worm or planking…RUN! 

Debra Planking at the ALA

Debra performing The Worm at SCBWI 2012
5. We don’t own any birds, but we do have Rhodesian Ridgebacks, which are supposedly lion hounds but act more like couch hounds. I’ve taken several into the show ring over the years, which can be a very humbling experience.

6. I don’t watch much TV, but when I like a show I’m a total addict. I think I watched all 3 seasons of Veronica Mars in under two weeks, and when Buffy was still on the air, I used to frantically hunt down spoilers for the next week as soon as the “Grrr…Argh” sounded on the current episode.

7. My current favorite TV show is probably Awkward!—why oh why must it only be on in the summer?

8. I was a swimmer growing up, and my hair was super blond so sometimes the chlorine would turn it green--especially in summer. Nowadays, I add all kinds of colored streaks to my hair, but I avoid green because it reminds me of Swimmer’s Hair.

9. Can we talk about The Worm again?

10. Wham, Bam, I am, a man……


Bookie's Note: This is going to extremely weird but the first thing that came to mind when I saw the picture of you planking was "she clearly works out, look at the ARM DEFINITON!" Tehehe. Debra if we ever met in real life, I want you to be my best friend and we can communicate through bird calls  and break out into a Glee worthy duet together  (not going to lie, I do that in public as well. I have no sense of shame). Can someone explain to me what HA! is? And 

Make sure to come back tomorrow for the second half of Debra's feature! We have some juicy secrets lined up and a fantastic giveaway! 

Badass Bookie xx


  1. Great post! I love that classic worm dance! haha.

  2. I really love the dress!!! Combat boots with dresses are FTW!

  3. What a pretty dress! And I love the pictures, haha. Especially the one where she is planking.

  4. I love the boots with the dress so much! Nice to meet a fellow messy mom as well. I do the same thing with TV shows, especially Angel and Bones.

  5. I love to break out into a good song and dance in public, which never fails to turn my husband bright red! So much fun!

  6. I'm so loving the dress! Also, I was never a big fan of the "grr argh" because I totally am not a patient person and there was always something I neededtoknowrightthen and having to wait a whole week was just too much!! It's quite possible I qualified as a Buffy/Angel addict as well : )

  7. Best dress of the Debutante post by far. I would totally rock it while singing and dancing for anyone crazy enough to listen. I do it a lot, and surprisingly people don't always run. I think it gives them something to laugh about when they get home to their families. When I open my mailbox and there is a package that looks even remotely like it might be a book, I dance and sing and woohoo. My neighbors always know when I get a new book.

  8. Wow.. great dance, I can't do it:(

  9. I would so be Debra's conference roomie. :)

  10. Debra is hilarious! And that picture of her planking? Classic. Also, I too would be interesting in learning of this Ha! game, it sounds intriguing. Unlike Debra, I watch a lot of TV but I love, love, love Veronica Mars, Buffy and Awkward so good choices :D Love this!

  11. Wow, you rock the worm move! :D
    And the dress is to die for! :)

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