Saturday, December 8, 2012

Day Eight - All About Kristin Halbrook ( Nobody But Us)

Debutante Profile

Name – Kristin Halbrook
Debut - Nobody But Us 
Genre – Contemporary
Website– HERE
Facebook -  Here
Twitter - HERE

Kristin Halbrook a Seattlite and UW grad who loves good coffee, good food, good music, good sports, good causes, good reads and the word good. She's both intense and a goofball, introverted and gregarious. Her debut YA novel, NOBODY BUT US, will be released January 29, 2013 from HarperTeen. 

Dream Debutante Dress -  Sans the makeup, but definitely with the hat! 

Notes from a YA Debutante

Ten things about Kristin that might bore you and put you to sleep:

10. I’m so excited to be a 2013 Debutante! And I really want that dress. Since I don’t have anywhere, really, to wear it, I would wear it to the farmer’s market and put on a fake, very thick Russian accent for kicks. (Bookie's Note: I'm excited to have you as a debutante!)

9. While at the farmer’s market, I would buy enough for a dinner party for ten. I love to cook and I particularly love to bake. Having people over and feeding them is one of my favorite things to do. I sort of live by the motto: Food is Love. If I love you, I’ll try to feed you. Open wide!

8. I was born in Orange County, CA, but only lived there until I was 11. Then I moved up to the Pacific Northwest. Growing up, I played soccer, baseball/softball, football, did gymnastics and occasionally subbed in for one of my brothers’ paper routes. This upbringing is one of the reasons I wanted to be an NFL quarterback when I grew up. It had nothing to do with why I wanted to be President, though.

7. That upbringing is also probably why Paperboy is one of my favorite video games ever. The original one, of course. Original is usually best.

6. The worst parts about subbing for the paper routes were hitching the heavy bags onto my bike and trying not to fall over (I often did), and the days I had to collect monthly payment. I’ve never liked asking people for money, which was tough for me because I had a lot of sports teams to fundraise for. Not to mention Girl Scout cookies to sell. There were times my parents had to buy more cookies than they could eat or tickets to more spaghetti dinners than they could possibly attend because I was such a terrible fundraiser. (Thanks mom and dad!)

5. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I have yet to have worn my favorite costume ever.

4. The only food I can think of that I’m not particularly fond of is shrimp. But I have yet to taste everything on the face of the planet, so that could possibly change. Please stand by . . .

3. I can never really decide if I want to live in the city or on a farm. Right now I live in the city. Ideally, I would live on a farm in the middle of the city. Everything I do in my life is for attainment of this dream. I’m pretty sure the reality doesn’t exist, though.

2. On that farm, I would have an extensive orchard, great gardens of vegetables and other edible landscaping, chickens and goats and a turkey, rabbits, a huge greenhouse to grow everything that likes a warmer climate and pantries full of jewel-toned bottles full of jams and pickles and brandies and all that good country food stuff. I might have been born in the wrong era, except that I really do love indoor plumbing and transportation and the internet and all that.

1. I love travel. Some of my favorite places in the world (other than home) are Krakow, Poland; St. Andrews, Scotland; Paris, France; Whistler, B.C.; and Disneyland (the original, see #7). I’m excited to see India, Argentina and Cambodia some day.


Bookie's Note: Firstly, what a GORGEOUS debutante dress! Dior Couture? That's definitely something I would wear! Halloween is a lot of fun but in Australia it's not really celebrated so I don't really have a favourite costume either! :D Haha, my parents buy my raffle tickets and such when I do fundraisers too. I would love to to take a gap year and TRAVEL ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for the second half of Kristin's feature! We have some juicy secrets lined up and a fantastic giveaway! 

Badass Bookie xx


  1. I too love baseball and had a paper route:))

    Awesome post:) And thank you for sharing part of what you like with us:)

  2. Thanks for the fun post! That is an amazing dress :)

  3. Such a unique and gorgeous dress!! Can't wait to learn more about this one.

  4. Thanks so much for the feature, Lisa! I do hope you take your gap year and see the world. Travel is amazing! :)

  5. looks very japanese . cool post

  6. I love to travel too!!
    And living in a farm can be more amazing than living in the city, is a perfect place to read!

  7. Side note to Bookie's Note. I'm also excited to have you as a debutante! yay! :)

    Not a lot of people loves Krakow, Poland. Hmmm... interesting.

  8. Ah I'd love to travel as well.

    Not sure about the colour of that dress to be honest lol. But it's really chic!

    Food is Love <3

  9. I love the color scheme in that dress. And I agree, you'd definitely want to keep the hat.

  10. Former farm girl here, and I agree: Food is love!
    And the dress looks awesome, but I like the hat even more.

  11. +JMJ+

    I was such a horrible fundraiser that my family gave up and just bought all my raffle tickets. =P

  12. EEEEP! What a lovely dress! I always loveeee the Debutante post ♥♥♥ AND I WISH I CAN GO TO EUROPE!

    Thank you for sharing this awesome post, Lisa and Kristin ♥

  13. That dress is certainly eye catching.

    I remember playing the original Paperboy growing up. My friends and I would take turns playing it. That was so much fun but I sucked tremendously at the game.

  14. Wow that's a very unique dress...when I see someone wearing it at a Farmer's market, I'll know it's you Kristin ;)

  15. Love the dress, but I think I'd like it even more if it was a different color : ) Thanks for sharing all the fun facts with us!

  16. Interesting dress ...

    I love shrimp so I'd be more than happy to take it away from you, Kristin :) I wish I knew how to cook or bake; I'd stuff myself with all kinds of desserts since I have a sweet tooth.

  17. I also love to travel to new places though i have never been to anywhere outside my country India but i want to travel across the world and find new places meet new people...
    I love to eat and same for me if i like you i'll try to feed you more and more... ;)