Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day One - 2013 Debutante Event Schedule

First Day of the 2013 Debutante Event! Below is the schedule of this year's event as always we have a line up of amazing authors and giveaways. Fortunately this year seems to be running on schedule so the event can actually be hosted IN December unlike last year! 


1st - Introduction to Event ( You're Reading It!)
2nd - All About Elsie Chapman ( Dualed)
3rd - All About Dualed + Giveaway
4th - All About Lenore Appelhans ( Level Two)
5th - All About Level Two + Giveaway
6th - All About Mindee Arnett ( The Nightmare Affair)
7th - All About The Nightmare Affair + Giveaway
8th - All About Kristin Halbrook ( Nobody But Us)
9th - All About Nobody But Us + Giveaway
10th - All About Jessica Verdi ( My Life After Now)
11th - All About My Life After Now + Giveaway
12th - All About Ellen Oh ( Prophecy)
13th - All About Prophecy + Giveaway
14th - All About Miriam Forster ( City Of A Thousand Dolls)
15th - All About City Of A Thousand Dolls + Giveaway
16th - All About Erica Lorraine Scheidt ( Uses For Boys)
17th - All About Uses For Boys + Giveaway
18th - All About Megan Shepherd ( The Madman's Daughter)
19th - All About The Madman's Daughter + Giveaway
20th - All About Erin Bowman ( Taken)
21st - All About Taken + Giveaway
22nd - All About Kasie West ( Pivot Point)
23rd - All About Pivot Point + Giveaway
24th - All About Debra Driza ( Mila 2.0)
25th - All About Mila 2.0 + Giveaway

Please remember to leave lots of lovely comments for the authors and to spread the word about the event! We want to get as many people involved in this fantastic Christmas spectacular! 

AND SO! LET THE 3RD ANNUAL DEBUTANTE EVENT BEGIN! ( I see what I did there...hehe) 

Badass Bookie xx


  1. What a great event! I can't wait!

  2. This looks amazing, great line up! I can't wait to read all the posts, I love getting to know debut authors better and a lot of these are books are high on my to-read list :D

  3. Sounds great. You did a great job. Can't wait to read the posts.

  4. This is awesome. I am really looking forward to all these books. Great line up. :)

  5. YES! *punches the air* This is always one of my favorite events of the new year!

  6. Can't wait for this to get started! Loving the idea of it! <3

  7. Awesome list!

    Thank you:)

  8. Super excited for this event.

    Thank you again for doing this!

  9. OMG... this month is going to be awesome!!!!!! Thanks so much for this great event!

  10. This is such an awesome idea! And what a great selection of authors!