Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Debut of the Month - All About Paige Harbison

Debutante Profile

Name - Paige Harbison
Debut - Here Lies Bridget  ( Goodreads )
Genre - Paranormal/Contemporary
Website - HERE
Twitter - HERE
Paige Harbison is twenty years old, and a sophomore in college majoring in Studio Art at Towson University. She lives with her golden retriever Rigby, and is the daughter of New York Times Bestselling Author Beth Harbison.

Dream Debutante Dress -

Great Taste! LOVE the green ;)

What the Deb has to say about herself -

Random Things About Me :

· I am kind of a snarky bitch.

· I am at Art (Painting) major at Towson University, and have somehow finagled it so that I’m getting a Bachelor of Science for it.

· I barely wake up before 11am.

· I am overly obsessed with sour candy and chips and queso. And chipotle. And chicken fried rice. (Lots of “ch” in there…)

· I don’t really understand Twitter. And I’m 21 years old. So I’m not just, like, an out-of-touch old woman in a muumuu. I’m just an out-of-touch young old woman in a muumuu. Just kidding. I don't have a muumuu. Do I want one? Yes. Do I like writing and saying the word "muumuu?" Absomuutley.

· My best friend and I text constantly throughout the day, and have text dates every week for things like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Jersey Shore. I watch so much stuff…from Mad Men to Frasier reruns to Gossip Girl.

· I can barely ride a bike, and I always forget how.

· I wear Lily Pulitzer “Beachy” perfume. I’ve been willing to buy every expensive perfume out there, but I just love Beachy the most.

· My PNC Banking bill is always filled with: Apple, Hollister, Sephora, and Victoria’s Secret.

· I don’t want a Kindle because I like putting books on my shelf.

· Most of my inspiration comes from mood. That’s what draws me into a book, and what keeps me obsessing over it afterwards.

· At my wedding, there is no chance of catching me in an actual “Wedding Dress.” It’ll be pretty, it’ll be vanilla colored, but it will not be bought in a bridal shop.

· My mother is New York Times Bestselling Author Beth Harbison. Despite the fact that she’s an author, my name “Paige” had nothing to do with writing. Just a lil coincidence that looks super corny now.

· I worked at Starbucks for three years. I loved it. I was promoted to Shift Supervisor the day I turned 18, and took a year off in between high school and college. 6 months after being promoted, I had the option to become Assistant Store Manager or I could go to school. I chose to go to school. Which was smart, because the position was then removed from the store in an effort to cut funds. And that is why you always choose college.


Paige, you are hilariously funny ;) Wanna be my friend? We have alot in common ( yes, I kind of a snarky bitch too, although I try to be nice) and what on earth is a "muumuu"? Anyway lovelies, you have met our February Debutante. Her debut, Here Lies Bridget sounds FANTABULOUS so make sure you come back tomorrow and read all about it! There will be a giveaway of not ONE but TWO copies, international peeps this ones for you!

Badass Bookie xx


  1. I love Here Lies Bridget, it's one of my favorite reads. I'm looking forward into reading more from Paige ;)

  2. never heard of this book but I'm looking forward to read it;)).This book looks interesting.

  3. that dress is gorgeous!!! I really enjoyed Here Lies Bridget!

  4. I think we have nothing in common except reading choices that are mood-driven and a love for that dress! Brilliant!

  5. Oh my goodness, she's only 21! And she already has a book published. wow. what have I done with my life? LOL. I'm about to read Here Lies Bridget and I'm sure its going to be awesome! :)

  6. Loved the little glimpses into Paige's life. And I adore the deb dress - so pretty. I like saying muumuu too :)

  7. Here's some of my fave "ch" chocolate and churros!:P Here Lies Bridget sounds like an awesome book.^^

  8. Paige is an awesome name. :)

    And that is a fine dress! Stunning!

  9. Very pretty dress :) Love the color.

  10. I can't wait to read your book Paige!

    And I fully agree with the fact that you don't want a Kindle! My Bookshelves put a smile on my face everytime I see them :)

    Oh and a random fact: I see we have the same birthday :)