Friday, May 7, 2010

Beautiful Dead- Jonas & You've got Blackmail

okay so two reviews in one post ( killing two birds with one stone- haha I feel so smart ;P) anyway so I finished Beautiful Dead (Book One- Jonas) By Eden Maguire yesterday and I was going to post the review yesterday but you know, I didn't have time because I was meant to be studying for exam block ( which I haven't studied at all for). I also finished You've got Blackmail by Rachel Wright this morning so a double wammie today ;P

Beautiful Dead by Eden Maguire

Basically the story is about a girl who's boyfriend has just died, he is the fourth kid to die in her small town high school that year. She realizes that the four kids aren't actually dead but aren't alive either but somewhere in between called the Beautiful Dead. The whole stories follows how she helps Jonas (first kid to die in a biking crash) what truly happened the day he dies and left his girlfriend in a wheel chair. Beautifully written, very comfortable language and easy to understand. Great plot and used suspense very well, I was edging in my seat trying to figure out how Jonas actually died ( for once I didn't just flip to end and read the end before going back and reading the whole book- I sometimes do that ;P very naughty) mmmmm I can't think of anything wrong with it except Darina ( main character) was a really clingly girlfriend and annoyed half of the time. It was a enjoyable read can't really pick flaws in it (minus annoying character). However, nothing special good book but nothing memorable. Rating 3/5

You've got Blackmail by Rachel Wright

Plot is about a girl who's mum owns a hair saloon with typical high school problems (school yard bully, hot guy etc etc.) Discovers that someone is blackmailing her english teacher who was a balding middle- aged nobody who suddenly turned into a novelist overnight. Trying to figure who the blackmailer is and why while dodging the bully etc. etc. ect.) Very easy, very short (only about 200 pages big text) It was relaxing to read something like this after so much scandel and death you know? It was an easy breezy read that you went yer, okay great the end moved onto something else. Can't really describe excep that it was really easy to read, quite enjoyable and funny. Rating 3/5
That's the two reviews so later! Adios!
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