Saturday, May 22, 2010

Author's Weekend #1 ( Guest Post)

Hey hey Guys !!!!! Guess what ? Okay, if you scroll back a few posts you will find one about my blog renovation and upcoming events. In that I said something along the lines of Guest posts and Interviews etc etc. Well, I have started a new blog feature called Author's Weekend! Well, okay it's basically just Interview AND Guest Post but it sounds better when I say Author's Weekend. So this is how it works, Author's weekend is a two day interview and guest post special with different authors! So it's like guest post Saturday and interview Sunday get it? Pretty Easy so let's get on with it !
This week's Author's Weekend Features...... Jennifer DuLucy

Jennifer DeLucy grew up in Northeast Pennsylvania, where she developed an obsession with all things literary and musical thanks to the influence of an extremely creative family.Before moving to the Midwest in 2002, the author studied vocal performance and had her first taste of literary work as an editor for a local social organization. Currently, Jennifer works for a local university while employed as a Developmental Editor for Omnific Publishing, and when she's not glued to her laptop screen, she is singing with her musician friends or hosting raucous game nights. Jennifer admits she could never quite choose between music and writing, as both have always called to her equally, and so she intends to use her love of the arts, nature and spirit for the sake of broadening hearts and minds in every way she can.

Guest Post

The Badass Bookie asked me to write a guest blog, and so I thought I'd delve into a topic that has always held my interest, whether writing and reading. Specifically, I thought I'd talk about the paranormal--specifically, why I love it so much.

Most loves begin in childhood, and that is definitely the case here. Ever since I was a
little girl, I've always been deeply fascinated with anything I couldn't understand, couldn't fully see. And after experiencing some bone chilling instances of theinexplicable myself, such things were branded in my mind forever. I was altered, plain and simple. Actually, the more people told me that the unexplainable wasn't real, wasn't possible, the more I seemed to believe in it, the more I wanted to learn about it. Anything that's ever frightened me has always ended up igniting the same response later in life--insatiable curiosity. Has that ever happened to you? Some intense fear turned into fascination turned into obsession? I think I've always been like that. I can remember once, when I was very little, the local weather personannounced there was a tornado watch in my area. Now, mind you, Pennsylvania wasn't exactly prone to twisters, but tell that to a terrified six year old, right? So, I did the only logical thing one would do under such stressful circumstances -- I grabbed a plastic Virgin Mary statue and hid under a blanket for hours. Perfectly normal behavior.

Now, fast-forward to present day, and you'll often find me seeking out tornado footage or reading articles about them. Heck, I'm still chomping at the bit to ride with storm chasers. And what does all this have to do with the supernatural, paranormal writing universe, you ask? Well, aside from weather phenomenon, I was also terrified of ghosts, of the things that rattled in the night, that creeked and groaned and hovered and whispered. And naturally, with as much innate belief in those things as I must have had, this evolved into a thirst for information, and eventually, a love of the subject.

So, combine an unquenchable hunger for hauntings and the like with an adoration for a good love story and a firm belief in the human spirit, and tada, novel writing of the paranormal kind. Actually, and you can't see me hopping right now, but I totally am, because, in the next few months, I'll be traveling around with a paranormal research group, and this should render some fun results! I'll take lots of pictures, just wish me luck just in case I have a run in with the spirit world. Who knows... maybe I can get a ghost to do a guest
post on my blog.

Thank- You Jennifer ! Paranormal research group aye? If you find a fallen angel direct it my way! Haha okay guys, That's all for Saturday, come back tomorrow for the interview with Jennifer okay? DON"T MISS IT !!!!! Oh and guys check out Jennifer's Debut Novel Seers of Light which is out NOW!!!! Here I have a description-

Lillian Hunt has never truly lived. Always sensing more to the world than is easily perceived, she fears that her instincts are stubborn flights of fancy, or worse, mental instability. But some things—disappearing strangers, tangible dreams, and visits from malevolent creatures—cannot be ignored. Before it's too late,Lillian is ripped from the only existence she’s everknown and thrust into a reality that she always suspected, but could scarcely believe. She must learn the truth about who she is, the powerful beings that wish to destroy her, and the two men who would die to protect her.

Badass Bookie xx

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