Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Blog Tabs

Hey there guys !!!!! Guess what? I have made some new blog improvments and have just added some blog tabs for the 2010 reading log (master list of books) and a review policy !!!!! I am looking for ways to improve the blog so any suggestions would be GREAT !!!!! I also tried a three column format but when i do that the background coze all funky so i decided not to maybe in some time i will change the whole blog format but not right now! Look out for a wishlist page which is coming soon PLUS keep your eyes on the blog and DONT stray for some authors will be stopping by for interviews , guest posts etc etc. (not mentioning any names right at the moments but THEY ARE COMING sooooooo follow on !!!!! )

Badass Bookie xx


  1. I love your blog but my suggestion would be to do more memes!

  2. ohhhhhh yes! I was thinking about joining IMM hosted by the Story Siren as soon as my books come in the mail ! ;P