Sunday, May 23, 2010

Author's Weekend #1 ( Interview)

Hey Guys ! Welcome to Auhtor's Weekend Part Two with Jennifer DuLucy !!! ( If you haven't read part one I suggest you do) So Sunday = Interview !!!!! Okay, I think I should shut up now and get on with it ;P

1) Best experience about being a 2010 Debut Author ?
Actually, it's been my communications with blog reviewers and their readers. It's so incredible a feeling to know that someone has read and loved your work enough to want to write about it elsewhere. So far, that has been right up the top there with cool experiences.

2) What inspired you to write Seers of Light?
How did it all start? Man, I get asked this one a lot, and the truth is, it was a combination of things. First, I'd lost a loved one, and that kind of thing really brings your beliefs to the surface, you know? So, I took all those spiritualisms that I'd come to accept and used them to write a paranormal love story--which had been a goal of mine for a while. In fact, I had a creepy scene written already, about a shadow spirit haunting a young woman's bedroom, so, when I started Seers, it fit perfectly into the story. It was meant to be.

3) Describe Seers of Light in three words
My whole heart.

4) Can you relate to any charcter in the book
Yes. I can relate to all of them, actually, because they all have a piece of me in them. But, if I had to choose one character, I'd say William, because I know what it's like to be on the outside.

5) Favourite books all time
Jane Eyre, hands down, number one. That's a fabulously angst-filled, passionate love story for its era. Then The Five People You Meet in Heaven, because it just broadened my whole heart and mind and gave me a deep sense of peace when I'd finished it.

6) What do you do when you get writer's block?
I listen to music! I'm a musician, I've actually written music for the first book in the Seers series, and I compile playlists for each book. Also, walking in natural settings, spending time in the woods or on trails really inspires me.

7) Do you listen to music when you write? If so what
I find lyrics to be super distracting when I'm writing, so I can only really listen to instrumental music, then. But before and after? Absolutely.

8) Five things all good books should have (eg faeries, princesses, really expensive schools, hot guys and rainy sunday mornings something like that )
Hah! Well, I'd say, number one, an authentic voice. I like it when an author's unique voice shines through, when I don't feel like they're trying too hard to sound like someone else. Secondly, heart. I have to feel the emotion when I'm reading. Third, I love a good romance, and though it's not essential for me, I'm a romantic by nature, so it helps! Fourth, a strong female character! Even if she doesn't know she's strong in the beginning. And fifth, originality, a plot that hasn't been done over and over again.

Well, thank-you Jennifer and it has been a pleasure have you talk about your experiences with us! I, for one enjoyed reading your guest blog and your inspirational answers to my iterview questions ;P ( Last one was abit funny aye?) haha again Jenni fer I can't thank-you enough for taking the time to the the interview and guest blog THANK-YOU !!!!!

Badass Bookie xx