Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dark Divine

Okay, so I read this book in Febuary before started this blog or joined the debut Author Challenge so accordingly to guidelines for the challenge that is okay because I have never written a review for it ;P So, this book is written by Bree Despain who is a 2010 Debut Author ! Evryone knows I'm a sucker for good covers and this is one of those books that I went' OMG I have to read it because its got such a pretty cover' (did I mention purple was my favourite colour?)Anyway, so I read this book and it was pretty good. It was a good book but not great, it didn't stand out. Quite disappointed actually, I would have thought it was breath-takingly amazingfrom the good things I have heard but I just couldn't lose myself in this one. There was nothing wrong with it like all the charcters were great, plot good but it was just one of those books that you go good but not great D: You get it don't you? So it was one of those books but it was still pretty good like worth buying and reading ( plus it's got a pretty cover ;P) So yup, Rating - 3.5/5

Badass Bookie xx


  1. Aw, D: I was expecting it to be great, but ohwell, I'm still gonna read it. :D

  2. This is one of the debut author books that I can't wait to read although I'm a little hesitant after reading your review. Maybe I'll go into it not expecting anything, that way I won't be disappointed about anything.
    On another note, your blog is gorgeous and I'm incredibly jealous of your banner. It's fantastic.

  3. Please understand that all reviews here is my opinion for you might find yourself enjoying it ;)

    @ K, thank-you for you blog looks really good too ( yes, checked it out)

    Have a lovely weekend guys!