Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Modern Faeirie Tales vs. Wicked Lovely


Okay, I have decided to do another one of these this vs. that. This time it's not vampires but ...Faeries ! So, the two I'm going to talk about today are...The Modern Faerie Tale trilogy by Holly Black and The Wicked Lovely  series by Melissa Marr. Now both author are well known and good writers with brilliant plots but which of their Faerie series shine brighter?

So both are about faeries, they are all set with a summer and winter court, they are all set in the iron city ( New York...i think) and both were quite interesting. So, what sets one above another? Well, just to let everyone know I'm not very objecive, everything is usually subjective. For me, in order for a book to capture my attention it has to have 1) A Good Cover (sucker for good covers) 2) Interesting Blurb ( some books are fantastic stories but have crappy blurbs) 3) They have to be of a genre that I read.

Now, Mordern Faerie Tale by Holly black...it was good BUT it could have been better. The series was really weird, like the first and last book are about the same character than the middle book is about someone else all together. The charcters are creepy ( green faeries with black eyes , purely black). Another downer is that I don't really like reading about kids with issues. I don't reading about alcoholic mums or about your mum is secretly hooking up with your boyfriend. I don't like to read about being homeless, taking drugs or that you live in a train station. So, quite a bit on the don't like. Plus, the covers were nothing special.

Wicked Lovely on the other hand was ...better. It was more of something that I would read. Hot charcters, interesting plot that is not about kids with issues and much happier to read. Fantastic covers too! It was still dark fantasy but at least it dark fantasy with sorta happy endings. The relationships were kinda cute and sweet. Faeries are al least normal in this one ( I have nothing against the weird but Modern Faerie Tale was like REALLY weird) However, charcters annoyed me. Leslie was pratically useless. She finds out faeries exist and runs and hide.

So both series' had their flaws but overall I think I would liked Wicked Lovely Better!

Badass Bookie xx


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