Monday, May 3, 2010

Vampire Academy vs House of Night


Okay, so Burned the seventh book of the House of Night series has recently come out and the fifth book of the Vampire Academy series ( Spirit Bound ) is coming out later this month. I thought well both of them are about vampire, a boarding school and hot guys which one is more worth your money? This is just a post I have decided to well post so convince myself which is better but you guys can use it too ;P
ps- this is pretty much subjective ( yer I'm not that neutral haha)

Okay, so first of all House of Night. It's an alright series, I enjoyed it but it was 'just another book about vampires' ( you know how after Twilight everyone keeps writing Vampire books??? yer, this is one of them) Anyway, I wasn't all that happy with this series and I can think of plenty of reasons why. Firstly, Zoey was really really annoying. Main characters should not be annoying but this was, seriously when trouble happens she was like damsay in distress ( then she turned hero but yer dasmay in distress half the time). Secondly, tooooooo many guys seriously way too many boyfriends and because of this none of the guys got much of a spotlight moment ( except for Stark which is the only worthy boyfriend). Thirdly, the sixth book was a waste of paper, nothing happened, it went around in a HUGE circle ended in the same spot, then when it finally gets interesting ( I'm talking about like the last three pages) it ends so waste of time and paper. Then there is the plot which is alright but nothing special and I just feel like too much is happening and it's taking more than it can handle. So yer rating - 3/5 ( Read it but get it from the library). Although this is my opinion because I know some girls who are like in love with the series.

Now, Vampire Academy okay, so I said that some girls are in love with House of Night well every girl I know (and guy- singular) who reads, loved this series. That says something, but well yer this is another vampire book after twilight ( although i think it was realised before twilight but got famous after it) Anyway, I can't really critize this series except that Rose is totally using Adrian ( hottest vampire on the planet and beyond) to get over Dimitri ( guy with the cool russian accent) and that is just wrong! She should TOTALLY be with Adrian because he is just so nice and not use him as a rebound guy( am I repeating myself? ) So although we're not Vampires( well I'm not , I'm a tooth faerie nah, jks haha thats not even funny) I really connected with the characters I mean it's all natural teenage romance ( House of Night - three timing-I don't know anyone who three times) you know with the love triangle, the best friend who dates the rebel ( okay, not the last part) but yer totallly awesome, my top tear jerker I would rather read VA anyday instead of HoN. Yer so rating - 5/5 (~gasp~ did she just give it a five out of five?) VA totally deserves a five and this a series that if you had to kill to get you would.
Yer, so you see it wasn't really balanced or fair but I really thought Vampire Academy was better(by far) AND I CAN"T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE !!!!!!!!!!!! *happy dance* Ohhhhh and the VA cover is wayyyy better ;P
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  1. I'm reading Marked right now and I haven't gotten to any boyfriend yet... but Erik Night has been introduced!

  2. Hey Lisa I agree with you on VA and that Zoey 3timing is so stupid... Dimitri is better than Adrain sorry :P