Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Day Eighteen: Elle Cosimano (NEARLY GONE)

Debutante Profile

Name - Elle Cosimano
Debut – Nearly Gone
Publisher - Kathy Dawson Books/ Penguin Books for Young Readers
Genre – Thriller/ Mystery

Website– HERE
Facebook - HERE
Twitter - HERE

Elle Cosimano is the daughter of a prison warden and an elementary school teacher who rides a Harley. As a teen, she spent summers working on a fishing boat, baiting hooks and lugging buckets of chum. She majored in Psychology at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, and set aside a successful real-estate career to pursue writing. She lives with her husband and two young sons, and divides her time between her home near Washington, DC and a jungle tree house in the Mayan Riviera.

Dream Debutante Dress - 

"I live most of the year in the Yucatan, and have a fascination with the Day of the Dead. I adore the cut and color of this gorgeous frock."

Notes from a YA Debutante

A few random things about me:

- My main character is a whiz at math and science. I, on the other hand, am not. I failed basic college math all three times, and it took me three years to realize I wasn't cut out to be a biologist. I majored in Psychology.

- I love ghost stories. I once spent four nights in one of the most haunted buildings in America.

- I live in a grass hut. There are crocodiles, monkeys, and a panther in my back yard.

- I love fishing. If I lived in Panem, I would live in District 4. I once caught a fish with a peanut butter sandwich and a bucket.

- I annually attend the Writers' Police Academy. I did a ride-along with a Sheriff's Deputy and toured a forensics laboratory while conducting research for the sequel to Nearly Gone.

- I'm a member of OneFour KidLit, The Lucky 13s, and I'm a blog contributor at Ink & Angst and Sleuths, Spies, and Alibis.


Bookie's Note: Elle, I'm not a math or science whiz however two thirds of the subjects I take are math or science (two different levels of math, physics and chemistry)! I have to say I much prefer english, I might be having an mid-teen crisis! I love ghost stories but I'm kinda a wimp so I can't do anything horror related by myself, funnily enough, in groups, I'm usually the one who's trying to calm everyone else down though...and I LOVE FISHING, although I haven't been in ages! Thank-you so much for sharing all this with us, we'll see you tomorrow with the second part of your feature and a giveaway! :)

Badass Bookie xx


  1. Christina R. in the rafflecopter

    Must be awesome to live in such a wonderful environment!! With amazing wildlife:)

    VERY COOL thing to have stayed in the most haunted house - hope she saw ghosts:)

    Lovely dress, thank you:)

  2. I want to live in a grass hut. That would be very enlightening.

  3. I totally sympathize with the math failures. I tried and failed college algebra several times. I blame the reading :)

  4. Can I come spend a week with you in your awesome grass hut with crocs and monkeys and a panther? Please! Sounds amazing. And some of my favorite stories are ghost stories. I might have to sleep with a light on for a while, but it is so worth it! LOVE the dress and wanna wear it

  5. Love the dress! I wish I was a whiz at math and science. Your book sounds amazing, can't wait to read it :)

  6. I could never spend four nights in a haunted building, let alone one of the most haunted buildings. I would freak out. I don't think I could even handle one night. LOL.

  7. I'm not great at Math either. I've always been more of a history buff. I'm fascinated by ghosts and the paranormal. Some of my fav shows are Ghost Hunters & Haunted History. Don't think I'm brave enough to spend the night in a haunted building. Which one did you stay in?

  8. Err, that dress.. it's giving me the creeps! LOL! Wish i was braved enough to spend even an hour in anything even remotely haunted!

  9. She lives in a grass hut? I want to live there too!!

  10. I just changed my major so I love hearing stories of how people struggled to figure out what they wanted to do in college . It makes me feel better :)

  11. It's so awesome that you live in a grass hut! I've never seen one before.

  12. Grass Hut!!! and a cool (n scary) backyard! awesome. :)

  13. Ohhh! Grass hut with wild life around it - where can I sign up for that? :D I can totally sympathize on the math department, it's all jiberish to me. LOL!!!
    Congrats Elle on your debut novel, can't wait to get my hands on it! :)

  14. Thanks, everyone!
    Shannon - I stayed at the St. Mary's Arts & Retreat Center in Virginia City, NV.

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