Thursday, December 19, 2013

Day Nineteen: NEARLY GONE + Giveaway

Book Profile

Name - Nearly Gone (Goodreads)
Author - Elle Cosimano
Genre - Thriller/Mystery
Release Date - March 25th 2014

Nearly Boswell knows how to keep secrets. Living in a DC trailer park, she knows better than to share anything that would make her a target with her classmates. Like her mother's job as an exotic dancer, her obsession with the personal ads, and especially the emotions she can taste when she brushes against someone's skin. But when a serial killer goes on a killing spree and starts attacking students, leaving cryptic ads in the newspaper that only Nearly can decipher, she confides in the one person she shouldn't trust: the new guy at school—a reformed bad boy working undercover for the police, doing surveillance. . . on her.

Nearly might be the one person who can put all the clues together, and if she doesn't figure it all out soon—she'll be next.

Available - The Book Depository | Fishpond | Amazon | Barnes and Noble 

The Insider's Scoop

As you might have deduced from the font treatment on the cover, numbers play a big role in the mystery. And here's a little secret... if you ask me to sign your book, my signed message will be written in code -- a code you can decipher after you've solved the mystery in NEARLY GONE. 

Here's a sneak peak into the story:

Someone had wanted me to be here tonight. Someone wanted me to find Marcia's body. Maybe even get caught with it.
And he'd marked her. But why? What did it mean? The number looked like it had been written in blue ink, but it wasn't smudged or faded by the water. Permanent marker.
They drew the number ten in permanent marker on her arm...
Like the number ten on Emily's arm.
Like the blue markings on my chem lab table...
I slumped to the floor.
The person who wrote those ads knew me. He knew I read the Missed Connections on Friday mornings. He knew exactly where I would go, leaving the door to my physics class open. He carved the message in my desk, and left the chair down to make sure I saw it. He knew how to communicate with me.
Somehow, this was all about me.


Elle is giving away a Pre-Order of NEARLY GONE!

Rule of Entry -

- Ends 19th of January
- Must be 13 or older
- Optional Entries :
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  1. WOW! This sounds creepily fantastic! Congrats to Emily on the new release!

  2. Christina R. in the rafflecopter

    LOVE that there's code and codebreaking in it, and it is obviously a YA thriller with an amazing character:)

    Thank you and congrats!! :)

  3. Well, I need more after that sneak peak!!! Gah. Sounds utterly creepy. And I like it.

  4. All I can say is, when I get a copy of this book it has got to be signed. How cool is it that it would be written in code?! I will tell you.... VERY STINKIN COOL!

  5. Thank you for the international giveaway! It sounds really interesting :)

  6. That's so awesome that if you sign a book you will add a message in code! It's really unique and I love that it fits with the book.

  7. Oh my gosh, this book sounds sooo good! I can't wait to get my hands on thisone!

  8. Creepy but so intriguing! I'm definitely itching to get my hands on this one because it sounds like there's a twist or a shock just waiting in those pages!

  9. I'm so excited for this one! I added it on my TBR months ago when I seen it and have been eagerly awaiting it ever since :) Thanks so much for the giveaway!!!

  10. Nearly Gone sounds absolutely AMAZING!! Thank you so much for the giveaway! I've been waiting until this one was released!

  11. This sounds intriguing! I do love a good mystery!

  12. Well now I really want to read it. LOL Writing in code is such a cool way to make your book signings a unique experience for your readers. Everyone is going to want one signed.

  13. WoW!!! this really sounds awesome... can't wait to read it :)

  14. OMG! I need this book! Sounds amazing.

  15. Wow! That book sounds really cool and interesting! *Crossing fingers, legs and arms*

  16. Thanks for the giveaway! The book looks great.

  17. I love the mysterious (and slightly creepy) aspect of this book. Glad I found this post or I might have never heard about this book

  18. This book sounds amazing, dark and mysterious, just the way I like it. March should definitely hurry up! :) Thanks for a giveaway and congrats Elle on your debut novel! :)

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