Friday, August 20, 2010

The Demon Lexicon

Review Time! I haven't posted alot this week but sometimes you have to put blogging aside when you have a important exam next week and a billion assignments dur not to mention the stress on whether or not you made the Touch Team *paninc*. Anyway I'm way behind on my reviews and that is just unacceptable so here I am in the middle of the night ( well nine-ish) posting a reivew for The Demon Lexicon by Sarah Rees

Now, I have been wanting to read this book for a while now and I don't know... you know how soemtimes you expect this book or that book to be so good and it just...falls apart on you? Well, this book was kind of like that but it didn't really fall apart more like ..lost some apges :P. Anyway number one disappointment, it was told from the perspective of a boy, now you may think I'm being sexist but I simply find it very hard to enjoy books written in the perspective of a guy. Number two disappointment, not enough romance! I admit I tend to enjoy book with romance even the cheesy one with the loser girl and golden football player guy but this one just...romance...not really. Number three disappointment... I don't have one :P So overall, it was alright, can't say I loved it or even really enjoyed it but it was alright. Rating 2.5/5

Badass Bookie xx


  1. I appreciate the visit to my blog today. Looks like I already follow you, just haven't commented yet. I don't know, but this book has never appealed to me. It's the title and the cover. I don't know what a Lexicon is and am not interested enough to research it. And I just don't like reading much with the boy's featured either. Except Stephanie Meyer's start of Midnight Sun. That is funny to me. Hearing Edward plan how he's going to kill the whole science class so he can drain Bella on that first day. I so wish she'd finish that. Give a whole new take on the series. Anyway, glad to know I'm not missing much without reading this book. Heather

  2. Ha, lol, this book appealed to me for the exact reasons that it didn't appeal to you. lol, I love it. But I can definitely see why someone wouldn't like it. For me, the writing style was really strange, but I did like it. There was a lot of action action action though.

    I think the sequel is in a girl's point of view, but I'm not sure. That one might appeal to you more.