Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day Five- Angel Heart Throbs

Supernatural Showdown hosted by Karin's Book Nook and Badass Bookie. Today I am making a list of Angel Heart throbs or heart throbs from Angel books. so two of my favorite things in the world boys and books :P Nah, joking about the boy part but anyway.....

1) Patch Cipriano (Hush Hush)
The smexy angel that comes to mind when I think Angel! Defefintely drool-worthy NOT to mention totally badass!

( Not what MY Patch looks like but the best one I can find, he looks too european :P, I like my emo style)

2) Jace Wayland ( Mortal Instruments)
Not Angel but from an angel related book so I guess he counts THE LOVE OF MY LIFE #2 ( Adrian ivashkov holds first place but he is vampire soooo)

( Alex Pettyfer defintely my first choice for Jace :P)

3) Fang (Maximum Ride)
Technically not angel either just hybrid but I not too picky!
( I dunno who the guy is but he'll do)

4) Gabe (Personal Demons)
Well, I haven't read the book but he sound pretty hot anyway :P
( Haven't read it so I can't judge)

5) Aaron ( The Fallen 1: The Fallen and Leviathan)
No Need for words *drool*

Well there you go! Angel Heart Throbs that can keep you company during the boring lessons of school *cough*  humanities  *cough *  science *cough cough*  Maths.
ps- Check out Karin's Post on Zomibe Heart Throbs HERE
Badass Bookie xx


  1. Love Patch and Jace! Great picks! <3

  2. *thud* I only know Patch and Jace, and the are definitely way high on my list. Need to check out these other books and angel hotties!

  3. Oh Patch and Jace... yeah they are the best. I sort of love Becca Fitzpatrick even more for picking that guy to be on the cover :)

  4. Just hopping through! Jace is the ultimate best out of all of these. :)