Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day One (Intro) - Supernatural Showdown Giveaway!

In the beginning…. God made the Earth and the Heavens. He made you and me, books, gummy bears and Cassandra Clare. While creatures like humans roam the earth for a long time, there are older species that have lived here even before the dinosaurs they are…The Zombies. Back then Zombies ruled the world, they were …The Undead. However the rulers of the Heavens weren’t happy, they were also an ancient race they were…The Angels. They were minions of the High Queen, Lisa aka Badass Bookie. Under her rule they were… The Immortal.

For forty days and forty nights The Zombies and The Angels battled. The Zombie Queen Karin aka Karin’s Book Nook and Lisa aka Badass Bookie fought to be the ruler of the most Superior race. Finally they decided to have a dual off. Winner takes all. They both got out there laptops and started blogging for an Ultimate Last Stand. Badass Bookie and Karin’s Book Nook presents…

Supernatural Showdown Week! (August 8th -14th)

That’s right guys! I have teamed up with Karin from Karin’s Book Nook to host the ultimate last stand of Angels vs. Zombies. A week long of guest post, giveaways, review and more! For each day starting on Sunday we will be posting anything and everything about Angels & Zombies! Grab a button ( Angel minions on my left side bar! Zombie's head over HERE) , Vote in Poll, get invloved!

Now for the giveaway! We are giving you the chance to win a copy of Coffehouse Angel AND Generation Dead, so one for Team Angel (mwa minions :P) and one for Team Zombie but it's two book prize so you get the ebst of both worlds. 

How to enter? Easy, just will out THIS FORM and you're in it to win it. You only have to fill out the form to win it but it would be greatly apreciated if you became a follower of me or Karin. Especially Karin, since without her there would be no giveaway or even a supernatural showdown. So you don't have to follow us or in Karin's case subscribe as a google reader or by email but it would be nice. Spreading the word would also be great guys! It really would make my day!

This giveaways ends August 14th ( next Saturday) and is only open to US ONLY. Sorry internationals I knw exactly how you feel since I live all the way down in Australia but shipping is really expensive these days! Good Luck!

Go check out what Karin has posted up for Day One of Supernatural Showdown HERE

Badass Bookie xx ( TEAM ANGEL)


  1. Awesome Vs.
    I LOVE both Zombies and Angels, but I was a Zombie fan for a while, I only recently got into books featuring Angels, so I choose Zombies. BRAAAAINNSSSS!

  2. I'm Team Angel. I do like Zombie books a bit, but I think that there's more depth and history with Angels.

    This is going to be fun!

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